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Interesting, they've added the professional and master series graters to this drop (used to be for the zesters only).

Compared to previous professional and master series drops the prices have changed a bit:

Professional series paddle graters were $10.99: $1 more expensive in this drop.
Master series rasp grater was $17.99: $1 cheaper in this drop.
Master series paddle graters were $19.99: $3 cheaper in this drop.
WHY SEND AN EMAIL about this, then when you open the link it is INACTIVE. DON'T GET IT. Someone asleep at the wheel?
Microplane 46720 Premium Green Zester/Grater [Removed]

Save $2 and wait a month to be shipped or pay the $2 and get it in 2-4 days...
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I think people are trying to spread the counterfeit story to try to get people to not shop with Amazon. They are quiet literately destroying everyone in sales and any kind of bad press is good press for any other competitor. I do most of my online shopping from amazon 1st and I have never once gotten a counterfeit item.

I'm not saying it does not happen from time to time, but if you just look a LITTLE bit before you buy something you will be fine. It is pretty easy to read reviews and see who is selling an item and their over reviews... yes reviews can be faked but not when you get into the 1000's level. Also, only really popular things get counterfeited to make a profit off the name. I seriously doubt a Microplane Zester is on the radar for counterfeiters.

The one I linked has 1,155 reviews out of which 88% are 5 star, The negative reviews have nothing to do with being a fake item, its all they didn't like it or a manufacturers defect. Its being sold by MMP Living who is a 5 star review with 16,507 reviews @ 99% positive. With praises for their customer service. This would be a pretty safe bet to order.

I will say name brand cables, cords and small easy manufactured items are having problems... try to find a Iphone headphone adapter that actually works on amazon!
Well, I do all my shopping online and only 1 time I got a fake item. But 5 other times I decided to buy from manufacturer or massdrop because of review and pictures of fake items received from an Amazon vendor.

E.g. Try getting a Samsung OEM **original phone charger and you'll have a hard time trying to figure out which one is not fake before ordering. I checked the Microplane zester and there are indeed fakes.
Is this the classic or premium version? Thanks!
This drop is for the "premium classic" version. The classic only comes in a hard plastic handle, while these have a softer grip and come in a variety of colors. It's easy to confuse them because a lot of retailers have mislabeled them online. Here is a link to them on Microplane's site for reference: https://us.microplane.com/kitchen_en_us/premium-classic-zesters-graters.html
Ok, thanks! :)
Jeez, a month to ship date? Should have just ordered it from Amazon.
mine today but the handle appears dirty, or perhaps worn?
how much is shipping in US?
Actually, it's the 3rd without green. What's the deal??? They keep picturing it, but not listing it. I wasn't sure before, but this time I caught it early enough to be sure. MassDrop Mind Games?
Well green is available this time, but still no white :)
Saw these at my local TJ Maxx today for $7.99. If you consider ordering and have aTJ Maxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods nearby you might be better off if you get it there.
For Canadians, after exchange rates, it's still a little more but a lot faster through amazon

2nd drop in a row with no green, I believe.
dang, was going to order, but green is gone :(
New Zealand shipping is perfect, thanks. Did you guys realise we are rugby world champions.
It's the same price on Amazon but without S&H fees. . .
Which kind of brings up the question, why join this Drop? I thought the whole point of MassDrop is that it negotiated lower prices than could be found elsewhere when it accumulated enough orders to make it worth the manufacturer's discount.
massdrop rarely has actually good deals. More for exclusive stuff you can't get anywhere else, like special keyboard sets.