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miggo Agua Versa Backpack

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I'm very confused, looking at these pictures. How much actual cocaine could I carry, and does the top of the bag open, or not?
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I don't own the bag, but it appears to be side-open only.
I mean, it has a subtle look, but it may be too subtle. Perfect for an actual photographer, I guess.
I purchased this bag when they were campaigning on indiegogo so I thought I’d share some quick thoughts.

The backpack feels quite nice and it definitely should stand up to most things you throw at it. The included little organizer bag is a nice touch but it does take up a fair amount of space so if you’re packing a lot you can just remove it. The back padding is nice and comfortable And the strap system takes a little bit to get used to but can be versatile in the field. I really like the USB charging port and it’s been very handy when traveling.

Overall I enjoy the bag a lot but I have two main gripes:

The zippers tuck into a flap at the top when closed. This is fine but you have to kinda push the zipper to fully close it properly and retain its water resistance.

The other inconveniece Is that the main compartment can only be opened from one side. Comparing this to my main bag, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack which has several ways to access your gear, only having one side is definitely a downer. However, I could be just spoiled by Peak design and maybe most people wouldn’t care as much.
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