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This is a ridiculous price!
Can they just have a drop to sell 100 or 200 clips ONLY?
The bigger boards can hold yardage, like 2-3 yds, unlike the smaller ones. The price of the large is pretty high - about $3.50 each. Comic book boards are much cheaper and work just as well. The clips are ok but Bobbie pins or office clips work just as well.
Agreed. 50 comic book boards for about $12 at my local store
I bought foam board from the dollar store. I was able to get about 10 pieces from each board. Its a little thicker than these boards but still does the job well. I just used pins to hold the fabric in place after I wrapped them on the board
Hmm I would like the bigger boards, but why would I need 50 clips with only 10 boards?
Use them with comic book boards. The clips are the best thing about this deal.
So is this free shipping? I don't see it listed.
No, $8.25! You have to click Join Drop to see the shipping now, which is VERY annoying.
These are wonderful to have! I bought 100 of the larger size a few years ago and they are a fabulous way to store yardage. I measure each piece, write that info on a sticky note which I stick on these boards then fold up the fabric. I not only know which fabrics I have, but I can instantly determine how much I have. Love them!
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I have about 100 of the large and 50 of the small. I like the Polar Notions brand better than the competition. They are more sturdy as well as thinner and hold my garment stash well. The competition has some bends that are permanent and now do not hold fabric upright unless wedged between other boards. i like how these boards keep my stash organized and looking great. It is so much easier to find what I want or get inspired by what I have. On this drop my purchase is for 1 package of each kind.
Wow. I asked for this item. I needed maybe 300 of the large sized to fold the yardage one of my three book cases of my stash BUT with the clips the plastic boards are too expensive. Really nice clips. A fold and a pin works too - for much less. I don't need a rigid plastic sheet to maintain the fold of a fat quarter. I'm going to start looking for plastic sheets cut for other reasons that might be more economical and sell is bigger quantities than 10.
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