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Mionix Avior Gaming Mouse

Mionix Avior Gaming Mouse

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Not sure what this mouse is, came here hoping for the Mionix Avior 7000 which is an upgraded version of this with thumb buttons on both sides of the mouse and what I have been using as my mouse for years, was hoping to grab a couple extras for cheap but not sure what this is. Little disappointed we couldn't get the better version, as I have seen that one on here before and purchased it before in the past.
90g and it doesnt even have side buttons? curious to know where all that weight is. the g403 is 90g with side buttons, a weight door, and RGB.
whats up with the giant logo on the mouse?
This mouse is right at $50 the TWO places I can find that sells them. Which are Amazon and the Manufacture site.

So while the price is a good drop...
I don't know if the price vs. features is worth the cost. When looking at a Gaming mouse, items like Logitech, Corsair, Razor, or even Rosewill offer products at the same price point with more features.

That lack of a thumb button really kills this mouse for me. They had a "Black 2013" model which looked good, but discontinued it. The Castor model would be a much better Drop than this one.
how is this a "Gaming" mouse when it doesnt even have any thumb buttons? Am i missing something?
I own a Castor and have got to say it is the best gaming mouse I have owned. I was running a Razer Naga Hex moba mouse prior (Got sick of the constant Razer disconnects) and do not miss the thumb buttons. If a mouse without buttons piques your interest, I recommend getting in tune and very deft with your keyboard. If mouse buttons are a must, then the choice is clear to avoid a MIONIX mouse. Also, if you were to go MIONIX, spend the extra cash for a Castor. Super ergonomic design (allows for a variety of grips), a PMW-3310 optical sensor that screams performance, fast processor, and fantastic programming software. After using my Castor for a few months now, it has become very clear to me that MIONIX has the right things in mind when it comes to function. As someone who does not care for thumb buttons, I can't think of anything I would change about the Castor. Perfect mouse for me.

Also, the Castor doesn't have that out-of-place logo.
thanks for the info, i appreciate it.

Personally, i prefer to stick to the logitech gaming mouses. they arent too flashy, they have decent hardware, and i like changing the mouse buttons based on the game im playing. I play WoW and use the two thumb buttons as modifers (ctrl or alt) to make keybinds easier.

i dont doubt the Mionix isnt a good mouse, just seems a little silly to call it a gaming mouse. maybe a brand of either minimalist or ergonomic would be a better title.
Those colors
That label
Also Massdrop, that logo you have as the banner is mirrored, you can't read the "MIO NIX" label.
I agree. That label looks like such an afterthought, terrible design choice. You can tastefully plaster your logo on stuff, this isn't how you do it.
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