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MiPOW Power Cube 9000

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The ASUS ZenPower 10500 is 1/3 narrower, only slightly thicker, has an aluminum shell and costs $20 from B&H. It doesn't have the built in lightning cable but that means you get to choose the length (I use a 6" shorty).
The best thing I can say is "It's pretty"
This looks lovely, but 500 charges doesn't sound like a lot. Perhaps most other power blocks are the same?
Just bought this the other day. Only disadvantage is the 10hr charge time, and size, and plastic case. Hard to justify this purchase though, but buyers choice.
Why would you call the charge time a disadvantage, when the Anker has over twice the capacity? Afer 7 hours it would most likely have just as much juice as a 9000mAh power bank. It just isn't charged to 100% which is a not an issue.
Hello Everyone,
There are a few features with this powerbank that others out there at lower prices will not have. The casing on this product is fully constructed of aluminum alloy which not only looks better but also is more durable than other plastic products and less prone to scratches. Next this has 2.4A USB output not 2.1 or less. It has a 7 hour charge time vs many other larger powerbanks will take 10hrs+.

It has the built in lightning cable for the convenience of not having to carry around a cable for iPhone users. While many powerbanks can charge two devices at the same time, this device will provide 2.1A via the lightning connection and 2.4A on the standard USB connection simultaneously.

I do agree that you can find a 9000mAh or even a 10000mAh powerbank cheaper than this product. However it most likely will not have the features I have mentioned here.
pny has a 20800 mAh battery with 4 outputs one of which was 2.4A, with an aluminum body and it's only $35 on amazon.
that said, the pny battry is heavy and physically large.

in no way is most of what you named really justification for the much higher price this thing has than other batteries that will have most of what you mentioned or the important ones for whoever's needs and at a much more reasonable price.

not trying to knock massdrop, just this product. it seems like a horribly bad choice in light of other options even when it's at a discount.
If you REALLY want a chuckle, check out eBay for the over-the-top listed capacity batteries... There are a TON that look like added a couple zeros to the mAh... I mean, I'd LOVE to have a 100,000 mAh battery in the form factor that they're selling, I just don't believe battery tech has progressed to that point.

Yet. Fingers crossed!
Why would anyone buy this? You can get a 10,000 mAh pack that's the same size on Amazon for less than half the cost. Not a deal.

Yeah, but that isn't a CUBE!! Oh, wait...
physical size and the 2.4A usb output.
though i can't say it's actually attractive at the price, it is a viable option for portable rasPi3 projects since for the rasPi3 they recommend 2.5A and the instructions say you should have at minimum 2A (or was it 2.1?)
i bought a 20,000 mah battery to use with my Pi3 though it's large and heavy but for my project those two things didn't matter.
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