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Miselu C.24 Wireless MIDI Keyboard

Miselu C.24 Wireless MIDI Keyboard

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Portable Creations

There's an abundance of apps out there for the Apple iOS and OS X devices that offer limitless potential for creating music, but the virtual keyboards on the screen lack the tactile satisfaction an actual keyboard brings. Miselu's C.24 wireless MIDI keyboard aims to bridge the gap - offering an expandable two octaves of range, the C.24 is a portable, Bluetooth enabled music keyboard that aims to bridge the digital divide with keys you can touch.    

Miselu C.24 Wireless MIDI Keyboard

Intelligent Design

The C.24 does a fantastic job in staying faithful to how a piano should play and feel. Push down a latch and the C.24 goes from a flat, resting position to a keyboard equipped with anti-polarity magnets that provide the semi-weighted feel of each key. Push down on a key, and an infrared emitter/detector pair providing real time analog position data that tracks MIDI velocity and aftertouch. Optical finger swiping means a quick slide of a finger is all it takes to change the keyboard’s octave range. If two octaves doesn't quite do it for you, pick up another C.24 for 4 octaves, or a third for 72 keys.

Miselu C.24 Wireless MIDI Keyboard
Miselu C.24 Wireless MIDI Keyboard


Because the Miselu C.24 connects to the iPad via Bluetooth Low Energy, you'll never have to worry about the hassle of wires. The ability to plug-and-play via USB and compatibility with the iPhone and Macbook make the C.24 a versatile companion. Miselu's proprietary KEY application makes it possible to use the C.24 with a wide variety of apps on the music market that are CoreMIDI compatible. Built with the MIDI enthusiast in mind, the Miselu C.24 makes it easy to turn your everyday musical inspirations into song.

Miselu C.24 Wireless MIDI Keyboard
Miselu C.24 Wireless MIDI Keyboard

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  • Miselu
  • 24 semi-weighted keys
  • Velocity sensitive
  • Monophonic, polyphonic aftertouch
  • Octave shift optical detector
  • Sustain optical detector
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Hardware expansion module slot (supports Miselu T.10 and future modules)
  • Charging via standard micro-USB connector
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery (20 hour playing time)
  • USB-MIDI support via included USB cable


  • Micro USB cord


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