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Mistel Transparent Novelty Keycap

Mistel Transparent Novelty Keycap

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First time using it, stem blew up.
Sad. Didn't even use it for a month and its stem blew apart while sitting on the switch. Cool while it lasted But in the future I will pass.
Has anyone else had an issue with a cracked or loose stem? My cap comes off its key with barely any force, and it doesn't get much direct use where it's placed.

Edit: Stem broke :(
5 days left and all outta skulls. Sigh.
fret not my friend, but be quick!


two in stock left here for $20
Why is shipping $2.75 shipping for 1 cap, $3.75 for 2 caps and then it jumps to $7.75 for 3 caps?? what the heck kinda scam is that? Because of that I'm only buying 2!!
Yeah, really doesn't make any sense. The packaging is literally the same...
It makes no sense. It would be cheaper to order 2 with $3.75 shipping then order 1 with $2.75 shipping which is $6.50 total shipping than it would be to order 3 at the same time with shipping at $7.75! Cmon guys, this has to be a mistake right?
Got my tracking number today :D just a few more days ;)
Got mine today :)
I would buy the dino or skull if they didn't have those cigs. They just look strange, no detail, just a plastic rod sticking out of the mouth
I got the giant head last time. It is truly a glorious keycap.
I hope we can reach the lowest price for this :) In for a smoking hot Tyrannosaurus Rex!!
Think I could clip the cigar off the Dino?
I mean you could but it probably wouldn't look great.
I bought the Mistel Rooster, Monkey King and Maui from the US last month and postage to the Netherlands more than doubled my costs. I Just found out about Massdrop, so yes, I am crying... cheers and enjoy your Key caps!
does anybody know who is manufacturing this?
Will these fit on a razer keyboard since they use their own keys?
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They should fit on razer because they use their own mx style switch made by varying companies depending on the models.