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Overcast DSA Custom Keycap Set

Overcast DSA Custom Keycap Set

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MiTo Are there 6 x 1.5u keycaps in the Blanks kit and no 1.25u? They look like 1.5u in the picture, but the description says "Multiple assorted blank keycaps, including 6 x 1.25u, 6 x 2u, and 6 x 1u."
I think we included 6 x 1.25u as well at the end of the day, but either the mock-up or text is wrong and that’s for sure.
Will this come back?
Needs to come back for real.
Bring this back, please
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It is possible, but we didn't feature those on the Legacy drop.
Hope to see it on future drops love your work
Just discovered the Planck. These need to come back.
Hey guys,you may interested this backlit mechanical CS:GO keycap https://goo.gl/JWJbhe
I hope a R2 is in the works!
I just want the lime 1337 kit if anyone wants to sell :P
Looking for ortho kit...https://www.reddit.com/user/Leeaxd/
MiTo said it will be coming back soon
So sad that I joined Massdrop and got interested in keyboards after this ended. Any chance for R2 in the near future?

Counter Strike CS:GO custom backlight keycaps for mechanical keyboard

Deside to let go my Overcast, including White Alphas, Oramods, 1337 Kit Orange, Symm Kit and an additional Kit which is not in the shopping list. Barely used because DSA is not my style. PM reddit.com/user/hormbre if you are interested to buy all of them.
Looking for a TKL mods kit, if anyone is willing to part with them? In Australia, happy to pay international shipping. Bought this set on a buy last year and have only just got around to building the keyboard (ergodox) to realise they're missing (my mistake)
Buying Overcast DSA Custom Keycap Set (Black Alphas & Orthol Kit & Black 1337)

lO_oking for 1337 Kit | Any Color | PM ME
looking for oramods pm me, reddit.com/user/homingshit