Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream (2-Pack)search

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream (2-Pack)

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream (2-Pack)

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Hey everyone,

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I've heard a lot of great things about the Mizon's snail recovery gel, and have joined the drop myself; since this is a 2-pack, I can share the other tube with my mom!

Cheers and enjoy!
Okay so I bought this on a whim after reading some good reviews. I received it relatively quickly (Australian here), and after using it for two weeks I would definitely recommend it. I have fairly normal to dry skin tone, and occasionally get the oily 'T'.

I was using a moisturiser (Olay Moisturiser Lotion for Sensitive Skin) after showers and found that sometimes it made me red and rashy and kind of allergy-like reaction. Whilst it isn't very moisturising, I've replaced my moisturiser with this and had no issues. My skin feels smoother and I can visibly see improvements on my (very faint and mild) acne scars, it's improved my skin tone unevenness too! I honestly did not believe this would work so thought I would share my experience, as it has been a positive one.

I did try to look for this from other shops and saw that it is a bit cheaper on aliexpress, however I cannot comment on whether or not they are genuine.

Edit: I do want to add that it seems to run out quite quickly, I use a small pinky size dab once a day and I'm pretty sure I'm at least half way through my first pack after two weeks.
I love that this comes in a 2 pack. I keep one in the bathroom for easy access, and one in the fridge. This stuff cold feels really nice on my skin and it's also very soothing for sunburns!
Ok so I bought this lotion because I have a lot of acne dark spots/scars and wanted to see if this would work. I am also a guy and I don't really use a lot of lotion but I would like to give my review.

So the lotion smells kind of flowery, but not overwhelming so. After you rub it into your skin you don't really smell it. In texture it's not like traditional white lotion, it's more like a gel for your hair. It's not sticky as you would expect from snail slime, but it's viscus enough to to spread over your skin easily. I like it and I don't think the texture or smell could deter someone from buying this.

Ok so I tested this on my face for two weeks straight. My routine was every night I would exfoliate my face with some Clinique men exfoliate cream stuff and then apply this lotion all over my face. So after two weeks I noticed a very small change in my dark spots, and I'm pretty sure they would have gone away if I had used it longer. What was very noticeable was the smoothness of my skin. My skin became very smooth and had great elasticity. It looked and felt healthy. People told me I looked thinner. It got rid of small blemishes and stuff like that. It's pretty good.

I think for the price you can't really lose. If it doesn't work it's not too much money you lose, but if it works you got more than your money's worth. It worked for me but it does not mean it will work for you. Everyone has different skin but I think this will provide even a small positive change

TLDR: I would recommend this product. It provided me with good results and for this price I don't think you can go wrong.
drop ended around July 2nd. Shipped the 6th and delivered on the 10th. Delivery is great compared to other massdrop products.

I am almost finished with my first snail gel cream Which has lasted about 3 weeks. I have been applying it pretty liberally and noticed that my skin seems to be brighter, smoother, less red, and more importantly, my scars have faded to a lighter color. I breakout like crazy usually and have noticed that the breakouts last a shorter time but I have more small whiteheads. I staeres using facial rose oil a week after the gel cream so that may contribute to that though.

It it has a sticky finish and has good coverage. No odor that I noticed and adds a glow to my face.

i applied it to my sunburns and they have really cooled down. They still sting a bit but my shoulders don't look as burnt as 2 hours ago.
Sadly, I wished I another set. One set is not enough due the size of these tubes. Please drop more of these!
I'm new to this product. Can anyone tell me where it fits into my regimen? Should I use lotion after or does this replace it? How many times a day should I use it? Thank you for the help.
Based on the reviews that I've read, it's to be used before lotion. its only slightly hydrating so it's good for oily skin and moisturizing in the middle of the day. Seems it's a twice daily thing.
hope i helped!
The set just arrived today. I feel prettier already.

Anyone know if these creams come with any authentication? Read a bunch of negative reviews of copycats and people getting their skin messed up. Any way of knowing this is the real deal?
Ok, not to make this all weird and culty - but these actually work pretty well. Added to my skin care regimen between the shower and my lotion - really have minimized breakouts.

My skin also seems firmer - and scars seem less noticeable - but I'm not sure if that's a result of continuous use and what would happen if I stopped.
Can confirm, your skin looks more radiant and youthful than ever... :)
And his confidence is off the charts lately
I joined the last drop of this, have been using it for a few weeks now, and wow! I've already noticed a measurable amount of fading in my stubborn acne scars - it definitely boosts the healing of these spots way more than my previous vitamin C serum ever did. It also goes on light (I can't feel it on my face after dabbing it on), and smells surprisingly good with a very light scent. I'm a total snail convert now.
Got mine this week! My pup thought it (like all things that come in the mail) was a treat for him—right up until I started putting it on my face. I've been on a coconut oil/olive oil skincare diet and am real excited to incorporate this into my routine :)
Got mine as well! it's only been a week and some blemishes and pimple scars are already going away.
Super soothing and calming too :D
Already got mine! Wow!
Expected delivery was June, but I just got an email saying it's already shipped. Yay!
For anyone considering this product and is on the fence, I give my recommendation and it's not something I give lightly. It has amazing healing properties for healing acne, scars, hyper pigmentation, and post inflammatory erythema. It's hydrating and sinks into the skin after a few minutes. It is meant to be used after actives and essences and before moisturizers. It does feel slightly sticky but the residue isn't bothersome but I use it at night time because it doesn't layer as well under makeup. If you are interested in Asian (mostly Korean and Japanese) skincare, check out the Asianbeauty reddit. This is the lowest price I've ever seen it so I'm stocking up and buying 4 lol. The other Benton products are great too but it has been reported to break some people out so always patch test.
Can someone tell me how this product is made? Do they kill the snails in the process? I'm not into products made from harvesting living creatures, sorry.
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They exploit their labour through stressful conditions. By aggravating them the snails will leak. There is no ethical consumption in a capitalist society. Buy it at your own moral peril!
Terrible :( Yeah, I won't be giving my money to this company.