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MKC Stainless Steel Keycap Puller

MKC Stainless Steel Keycap Puller

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Wheee the 2nd replacement unit just broke at 2 points, 3rd keyboard I've used this thing on. Lets never ever drop this product again.

Wow the build quality on this thing is terribad. I just used it for the first time today when my Vortex PBT keycaps finally arrived and it broke after removing just 6 keys from my Filco keyboard.

I am beyond disappointed with this thing.
I received my replacement. Thanks MD support.
Received mine yesterday to Australia. Removed about 10 keys all up and still going strong.
Received mine. I haven't pulled any caps with it yet, but I can already see why some of them have broken. The pull wires are only soldered - not welded - poorly, into the end of the handle. They weren't even soldered straight and are almost twisted around each other at the base. I didn't expect much for $8 shipped, but this is still pretty disappointing. I hope you're listening to the feedback, MD.
I'm typing with a partially-removed keycaps keyboard. Very disappointed with this one, I just started removing my keycaps when the puller broke...It looks like it was due to poor soldering between the head and the prongs. I'll try to contact customer support soon.
Mine did the same thing...
[img:How_it arrived in the box.rrh.jpg] [img:How_it arrived in the bag.awt.jpg] [img:Outside_the bag for inspection.dia.jpg] [img:Please_help.efw.jpg]
Unfortunately, mine just arrived broken... :(
Does anyone know if this can be fixed or am I just really unlucky?
We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out!

Thanks again for the support guys. Make sure to share your experience with the MKC Stainless Steel Keycap Puller on Massdrop.

If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at
These are scheduled to arrive in the next day or so. We will update the group when these are packed up and ready to go.

Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 11/7 or sooner if something comes up.
anyone else not getting the fix it now error for whose who pay for bitcoin?
Super disappointed to see people comparing this unfavorably with the WASD puller. I got one of those for free with the CODE (well, "free," sure isn't a cheap board... haha) and it works fine but it feels a little flimsy. Seeing people talk about this thing breaking makes me rethink my desire to wait a month and a half to try it.


Thanks community members for commenting... I know plenty of folks have said it's fine, but that's the same situation you see with the keycap puller I already have, no need to replace adequate with adequate.
If you intend to change lots of key sets this product WILL break.
The quality is less than Filco or WASD.
I'll wait for the $100 titanium version
I'm surprised how many people got these. I always see comments saying it falls apart -these exist even in this very thread, with picture evidence! Did the vendor do something to resolve those issues?
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but what makes this thing much popular than other puller and still got a flawed reputation on the comment section ?
OK, well... like I said, rolling the dice. I have other keypullers.
7.37 for shipping to the Netherlands. Come on, you can put this thing in a bubble plastic envelope.