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ModTone Guitar Effects Pedals

ModTone Guitar Effects Pedals

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Twin Overdrive & More

Designed for the creative working guitarist, the Dirty Duo is a robust twin-overdrive pedal with a glimmering blue finish. Tone Report calls it “an absolute bargain that doesn’t skimp on tone and features,” and it’s no wonder why: The two individual, foot-switchable circuits can serve up everything from gritty blues to full-stack bliss. Overdrive 1 offers serious gain (with a +/- switch to add lows or boost mids) and can stack with overdrive 2. Equipped with mosfet clipping for smooth tonal saturation, overdrive 2 has a TL082 low-noise op-amp for enhanced processing with overdrive 1.

Note: This drop’s base price is for the ModTone MT-DUO Dirty Duo (limited to 30 units). At checkout, you can opt for the MT-BD Bohemian Overdrive (- $20; limited to 40 units) or the MT-CR Brown Crush Compressor (- $25; limited to 30 units) instead. You can also add the Atom Effects Power Supply (+ $14.99).

ModTone Guitar Effects Pedals
ModTone Guitar Effects Pedals

Authentic British Overdrive

Featuring an all-metal construction with a red glitter finish, the Bohemian Overdrive pedal captures the spirit of classic British amplifier design. Use it as the main distortion in the front end of your amp, or as a solo boost to provide some authentic tube saturation. This pedal can move from a touch of grit to a medium UK saturation setting, and with the +/- switch, allows you to dial in the perfect blend of overdrive effect.

ModTone Guitar Effects Pedals

Trusty Compressor

A versatile compressor for virtually any situation, the Brown Crush delivers smooth sustain without any degradation to your original signal—and reduces louder signals while boosting lower ones. It has onboard level, sustain, and attack controls in a simple three-knob configuration, and can provide everything from light compression to an extreme squeeze.

ModTone Guitar Effects Pedals

Demo: Dirty Duo Overdrive


  • ModTone
  • All true bypass
  • Metal chassis
  • Bright blue LED
  • 20 MA current draw
  • 9 VDC operation
  • Battery option


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Estimated ship date is Aug 18, 2016 PT.

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