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Easy-to-Use Guitar Effects

Bring new dimension to your sound with these ModTone pedals. Featuring a rugged metal construction, true bypass switching, and three or fewer user-friendly knobs, they provide quiet, reliable operation at every performance. 

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice between the MT-CHR Classic Chorus, the MT-VD Analog Delay, and the MT-DUO (+ $25).

MT-CHR Classic Chorus

This glittery blue pedal distills the best features of your favorite chorus pedals and condenses them into one road-worthy box. Using the rate and depth controls, you can dial in a subtle wave, opt for a full-on psycho swirl, or stay somewhere in the middle. The Classic Chorus allows you to incorporate that classic, lush tone while maintaining the integrity of your original signal. Think of it as all the shimmering goodness you want without any of the noise or complication.


The Dirty Duo offers two individual foot switchable overdrive circuits that'll serve up anything from a gritty blues tone to all-out full-stack bliss. Overdrive 1 has a serious gain on tap with a +/- switch to add bottom end or boost mids, and it can stack with overdrive 2 for a boost or added gain. Overdrive 2 has a TL082 low-noise op-amp for enhanced processing with overdrive 1. Overdrive 2 is also equipped with MOSFET clipping for smooth tonal saturation.

MT-VD Analog Delay

Every player needs a trusty delay pedal, and ModTone’s Analog Delay doesn’t disappoint. The exclusively analog circuitry is coupled with a PT-2339 processing chip to process delay sounds from 50 to 350ms. Whether you’re looking for a gentle slapback or a longer, more atmosphere application, this glittery orange pedal delivers with a warm, lush-sounding delay reminiscent of the analog circuits of yesteryear.


  • ModTone
  • Metal chassis
  • True bypass
  • Runs on 9V power or battery
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.6 x 2 in (11 x 7 x 5 cm)


  • Battery


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