Moleskine Squared Notebook (3-Pack)search

Moleskine Squared Notebook (3-Pack)

Moleskine Squared Notebook (3-Pack)

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the 3x have to be all the same color? this seems kind of expensive for a moleskine doesn't it? Is this like a super large size or something? Why are they so incredibly expensive?
What am i missing about this drop? 3x squared moleskin on amazon with free shipping = $36. and i can buy any number i want ($9~17 each, averaging at $12) including black.

is there any catch in the sizes i'm not seeing?
Is there any chance that we can get these in black also?
Hey jlmarks -- I can definitely look into that for another drop. It would be great if you could vote for your preferred size and cover option(s) in the poll I created, or add your own if these are not the ones you had in mind:
Man I used to love Moleskines, but when I switched over to fountain pens they are just the worst to write in. As a lefty, pencils are not an option without horrendous smearing and black markings to my hand. That being said, something special happens when you write on a Moleskine page with a Pilot Precise pen.
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for lefties you want the ones that open from the top. i think they call it jornalist or reporter or something on those lines.

btw, we need a drop of a open from top, volante (tear away pages) with grid. those existed for some time but now are collector pieces selling for $100+ on auctions.

a drop with those would be more meaningfull than run of the mill moleskins you can get anywhere.
Now that we have notifications I'm finally seeing your response. I love the inkier V7, but it does bleed through. But, as I'm sure you know now, even my clumsy writing glides across the page.
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