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Momo Design Pilot Quartz Ladies Watch

Momo Design Pilot Quartz Ladies Watch

Where's the price?
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I know the MSRP is never anything to really go by, but this is just shy of $600 on Amazon. Still a good price, just not 90%
They claim $2,480 msrp, but I know it's not worth that.

They said it has diamonds in it😁
What is the "Massdrop International warranty" with this watch? I know it's one year, but does it mean Massdrop wears the cost of fixing it if it's faulty and we can get it fixed in our own country?

And how does Massdrop guarantee that these watches aren't counterfeits? I'm not saying they are counterfeit, I'm just curious how Massdrop makes sure they aren't
Oh, my lord, are the counterfeiters faking Momo Design now?
If only this was constructed in titanium.

More Momo Design and more titanium watches, please.
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