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Mondaine Gottardo 2016 Quartz Watch

Mondaine Gottardo 2016 Quartz Watch

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Received mine a week ago and couldn't be happier. Great watch!
Received mine today. Little hand rubs the dial... well no comment, just poor quality.It seems Mondaine liquidates its defective stocks overseas ?

Wow! That’s horrible. Remind me not to purchase this brand.
Received just today and it arrived broken. Second hand sticking and sometimes does not even move. Attempted to reset the second hand but still cannot solve the problem
I received mine earlier this week and am returning it today. The stop2go function on mine does not work properly and the second hand stops about two seconds early with every minute, essentially making a full round on the watch face every half hour or so. I'm sure this has nothing to do with Massdrop, but there isn't much that can be done about it without a manufacturers warranty.
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I got mine last week and it does the same as yours. I’m reluctant to send it back as I really like it so is this something that can be repaired?
I really liked mine also so I contacted the Mondaine service center and Massdrop. Neither of them could do anything about it without the manufacturer's warranty so I ended up sending it back.
Just received mine 2 days ago. I really went back and forth between the Gottardo and waiting for the plain Stop2Go. The plain is truer to the actual station clocks, but in the end, the idea of having a little piece of history won out. Happy with the decision now that I have it, I think the faded green bezel looks quite good. I replaced the white strap with a dark red one, and that to me goes better with the green bezel and the red second hand.
Some tips, directed particularly to the Amazon review and the problems one reviewer had. The second hand on mine did not stop at 12:00 either, more like 10:00. The instructions tell you how to reset, but it doesn't work exactly as they describe. Push in on the crown until the second hand starts to move faster. It will stop at the spot where it currently pauses for 2 seconds. When I rotated the crown to advance the second hand to 12:00 and let the watch restart, it still didn't line up, it was around 11:00. I found I had to go past to maybe 12:02, then it was right on. Another one might be a little different, but since you are advancing the second hand in fractions of a second, if you have the patience you can get it dead nuts. The minute hand on mine was not exactly on a baton. The instructions are not completely clear that this can be adjusted. The crown is just an electrical switch, nothing mechanical about it - rotate it and hold it, and the minute hand moves pretty briskly. The electrical contact acts like a spring - if you just give it a small twist and let go, then the minute hand will move in fractions of a minute and you can get good alignment.
Just got shipping notice.
I have the stop2go version, had I not I would be all over this. Although I am mainly an automatic person these look real cool on the wrist. The green here is tempting me.
Except for the leather band color, is this Amazon watch the same? ???
I think so, I believe they were released with two strap options.

Does this watch have the Stop2Go and hands backlight, similar to this one on their website: MONDAINE OFFICIAL SWISS RAILWAYS STOP2GO BACKLIGHT  MST.4101B.LC
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No backlight on this model. I'm actually wearing mine right now, lol.
Mine will develop a bit of second hand "drift" after a while, where the Stop2Go action will take place out of alignment with the 12:00 index. It's easy enough to put back into alignment by pressing the crown in for a second and adjusting it from there. Overall, I like the watch. It requires a bit more "maintenance" than I'd like out of a quartz watch (albeit one with two separate motors), but still less than what we're all already used to with the automatics in our collections, lol.
So this is a stop to go ?
It's me or the painting of the bezel is peeling ???
It seems to be intentional/intrinsic property of the bezel, from Mondaine's page:
"Precisely 2016 bezels have been punched from an original Ae 6/6 locomotive and meticulously mounted into the watch case. The visible marks make each timepiece this to 2016 units’ limited edition «Gottardo 2016» special and unique."
Had I not bought Stop2Go Backlight in the previous drop, having a piece of locomotive on the watch would definitely add to the coolness factor of the Stop2Go itself. Interesting that Massdrop does not advertise this watch is Stop2Go (as noted in comments below).
And another interesting thing is that of limited 2016 pieces, 300 is available on Massdrop... Not implying anything, just genuinely curious - I would think that with proper marketing, those 2016 limited units would sell out near MSRP very fast.
Where is the date display?
Aha , now removed from listing!
Bottom right hand side of your monitor screen
hey kids, if you want to see the real specs, also, massdrop left out that it is a stop2go. Geeeeeeeez. I thought that was a big selling point.
That is ok, though. We all make mistakes. I have too many watches. :( I hope I don't buy this. Happy hunting, everyone! (and happy Obon to all of you crazy cats in the ryukyus...stay out of the ocean!)
Thank you! I've been wanting to pick up a Mondaine for a while now and I couldn't resist nabbing this one after checking out the actual specs. 🙂