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I did buy this item and have been very satisfied with its accuracy. However, I do notice that the hand winding mechanism "clicks" after a few rotations. I don't think this is some kind of ratchet that serves to protect the watch from over-winding as it occurs even after the watch has stopped and has no power reserve. Has anyone else experienced this issue and is it a problem - or indication of future problems? Should I simply stop hand winding the watch?
Hi all, I just received by white dial but wasn’t aware that it was polished bezel. There was only the description for the black dial which states it‘s a brushed metal. Can I return it?
Hay everyone, is there anybody here in Ireland still waiting on their watch to arrive in the country, my tracking shows the peice on its way from US to Ireland for over a week now :( Hope its not gone missing!
Such a good price. Classic design too. The only problem is that this is a 42mm (already pretty big) with 53.5mm lug-to-lug WOW! Massdrop please give us a smaller version, like the 38mm or even 36mm!
Curious if anyone knew if the case back labeling was a peel-away cling sticker or actually printed directly onto the crystal? I'm wishing for the peel-away like I've had with other timepieces. I enjoy the unobstructed view of the movement. Thanks!
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What a shame. It looks tacky. Not a dealbreaker I guess since it's the caseback anyway, but when you have a nice swiss movement you'd think you want it displayed nicely. Much of the same writing could be etched onto the case itself.
A bit late to the discussion but, to add my 2 cents, agreed that the printing on the crystal marred what could be an otherwise beautiful view of the movement. Not that anyone would necessarily want to put the extra work into a brand new watch, but any decent watchmaker/jeweler or even a watch modder could replace that caseback crystal with a plain one without much fuss.
this is a great piece at an excellent price... tempting with the white dial
Just for the fun, while waiting for the watch

Deauville (France) Tuesday 14 November
Great looking "plain" watch and at a very good price. But having no warranty isn't a good selling point.
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As I found out, quite accidentally, by reading a bunch of threads here on MD, unless a manufacturer's warranty is explicitly stated in the drop page info then there isn't one. An item will be covered only by Massdrop's 30-day return policy. The link with this info is here, go down to the "RETURN POLICY" section. > Caveat emptor, I'm afraid.
An ordinary shopper would assume an expensive watch comes with a warranty. It would seem that MD deliberately doesn't advertise 'no warranty' in their product listings so prospective buyers won't be scared away. - deliberately misleading. Ebay or Amazon state warranty information in their listings and if their is no manufacturer warranty, an aftermarket warranty is usually offered for a nominal fee.
will give this a miss as its too big for my wrist. Hopefully there is a drop on the classic model in future
Lug to lug is almost same, as width between rails.
Now I get why it got approved as Railway watch.
This would have been more tempting if the white dial was in the brushed case as well :(
53.5mm lug to lug, wow
Would be ideal in a smaller diameter. What's the deal with large minimalist watches? Does anyone have any suggestions for designs similar like this in smaller size?
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If you really like these designs, Mondaine have a bunch of other very similar watches in a variety of different sizes.
Sinn 556i
Just when I don't have the money, this comes out, Damn!
Sad Banana I've waited 2 years for this to come back but at the moment I can't justify it.
I guess I'll wait till after the first of the year and see what I can find it for online.
is most people getting the white or black dial version?
Apparently the white version, because it's sold out. :(
I've gone with the white dial :)
Is the stainless steel watch case of the white dial version brushed finish as well? From the pictures, it seems to be gloss finish(polished).
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If I'm thinking dial first, I want the white. It's the 'classic' that comes to mind when I think Mondaine (have wanted one for really long), as well as what I see on a daily basis in the metro/train stations. Yet, I greatly enjoy black dials (which is why most of my watches feature black dials), plus the fact that it has lumed hands gives it a little more utilty for me. On the fence at the moment, if I can't decide I'll just pass.
Most of my watches are brushed, so I'm not entirely certain how one would maintain a polished finish. I have a Seiko 5 with a polished finish that has a lot of micro scratches, but it's a beater so I'm not bothered.
I've read good things about cape cod metal polishing cloths being used to 'maintain' polished finishes, but no personal experience with them.
I have a friend in the jewelry business who speaks highly of the Cape Cod polishing cloths for metals. That said, he also told me that the Cape Cod cloths will remove the anti-reflective coating from a watch crystal. AR coating on the outside of a crystal isn't very common (and it doesn't note a coating at all in the specs for this Mondaine watch) but it is something to be aware of. Cheers!
Does the white version also have luminous hands?
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Would you recommend some white dial mechanical/automatic no date model?
First of all, I have to eat my words about no lume on white dial versions. I just had a look at Mondaine's official website and they now have a "backlight" line where the underside of the hands have some lume that illuminates down on the dial. Would love to see photos of that working.
As for a no-date model, you just cannot find a mechanical/auto movement in one. There was a 34mm size model called the Ecomatic from the 1990s that used a typical Swatch auto movement and the case was made of recycled brass. I bought a NOS example about 10 years ago but that was even a bit small for my taste (and I tend to prefer mid-size watches).
I currently have a Stop2Go and really like it. The movement is not a typical quartz. The seconds hand steps 4 times per second, stops at the top of the minute, steps the minute hand 1 full step, then resumes ticking. This is all to mimic the way the actual Swiss railways station clocks operate (they intentionally run them fast, and the pause at the top of each minute is synchronized by wire with all railways clocks to stay on the same correct time). Also the case design is not the same old boring-vanilla style of the automatics Mondaine has made in the last 10 years. I tried to embed the video I made of my watch, but can't figure out how.

hmmm... one purchased and two committed with 1 day left? I think folks really wanted the classic white dial.
I can't find any info on the ETA 2878. Is this a discontinued movement? Closest matching ETA is 2836-2.
Disappointing to see such a small movement in a 42mm case, doesn't look right and probably better off keeping it as a stainless caseback.
I think the small movement size actually makes sense here, as it keeps the day/date window clear off the hour mark indicator. This watch face is based on the Swiss railroad clock face and those don’t have any day/date indication.
Just found the white version i wanted for only $349.99 on jomadeals... so this isn't really a very good sale.
You need to update the Lug to Lug width. That is a very important measurement.
The actual spring bar sits a little less than a millimeter from the case, which is why I initially put that measurement. However, the actual lugs are quite long and they extend far past the spring bar and i've updated the L2L. Thanks for spotting this!
Cool looking watch, but i also would rather have the classic white dial
Is this model: A132.30345.14SBBB or A132.30345.14SBB
Agree it would be far better in white.
Thanks for pointing this out. Looks like an extra B snuck into there. I've updated the page.
I think the L2L is wrong. You have Lug to lug width: 43.5 mm. How is that when the case is 42mm. You sure it's not 53.5mm or something close to that, especially with them lugs.
What is the point of a Mondaine other than the classic Swiss railway white face design? This one got only 27 votes while the classic got 54 (that's twice as many for those playing the home game), and the Stop-2-Go got 82.
Yep, this is true, however we are working off of the available inventory. The Classic and Stop2Go will be dropped when the vendor has enough in stock for a drop.
When that happens I'll be happy to join.
Is the crystal mineral or sapphire? The description says mineral but the specs say sapphire.
I think sapphire can be considered as a mineral :P And you can read sapphire crystal behind the watch
As @R4P70R pointed out, it's sapphire on the front and back. I've updated the description!
Is there an option for a metal bracelet, even if it costs more?
Nope, unfortunately this is the only model available for this drop.
Hey group,
After the success of the Evo Big Date quartz, Mondaine is back in automatic form. The simple and bold design of this watch is very eye catching in real life. Another nice detail is that the leather band is shaped to fit the case and it is also structured which makes it very comfortable to wear. The hand winding isn't the smoothest action i've ever used, but overall it's a sleek and discrete watch.