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Monoprice Hardshell Equipment Case

Monoprice Hardshell Equipment Case

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Equipment Case

You’re serious about your equipment, whether it’s high end camera gear or a hi-fi audio setup. When you’re in transit, you can’t risk letting your valuable tools be mangled by mishaps. A premium source of protection for your instruments, the Monoprice Hardshell Equipment Case is robust enough to take the fall and save your gear from debilitating damage.

Monoprice Hardshell Equipment Case


As a contraption connoisseur, you know that materials are the key to successful construction. Manufactured from ultra rugged, impact and ultraviolet resistant polypropylene and fitted with a customizable foam interior, the case protects your gear from any drops or bumps, anticipated or otherwise. To ensure that your expensive equipment stays in tip top shape regardless of your altitude, this case contains a pressure release valve, so you can safely equalize the pressure inside and out.

Monoprice Hardshell Equipment Case
Monoprice Hardshell Equipment Case

Water Resistance

Secured with an IP67 safety rating, this case provides full protection against solid particulates as well as up to 30 minutes of water resistance. Complying with the highest safety standards, the Monoprice Hardshell Equipment Case not only seals off and insulates your gear, but it will remain buoyant with up to 36 pounds of equipment stowed inside. As the case comes with a solid foam interior layer, you can cut out spaces to fit your specific instruments.

Monoprice Hardshell Equipment Case
Monoprice Hardshell Equipment Case
Monoprice Hardshell Equipment Case


  • Monoprice
  • Shockproof design with fully customizable foam interior
  • Ultraviolet and impact resistant material
  • Pressure relief valve allows for gradual pressure equalization
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes
  • Seal design provides IP67 level protection
  • Operating temperature: -40 ~ +194°F (-40 ~ +90°C)
  • Maximum buoyancy: 35.9 lbs (16.3 Kg)
  • Internal volume: 1147 cu in (18.8 liter)
  • External dimensions: 18.86 x 16.34 x 5.91 in (47.9 x 41.5 x 15. cm)
  • Internal dimensions: 17.64 x 13.58 x 4.76 in (44.8 x 34.5 x 12.1 cm)
  • Weight: 9.6 lbs (4.34 kg)


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