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Received mine today.This is a solid Case to be sure and I trust it with my equipment. Double latch, pressure vent, locking places x2. Came Boxed within a Box for damage free shipment.
Would purchase again that's for sure.
May i pick your brains? Maybe I've missed the dimensions however would you imagine that you could fit an 17 to 18 inch Alienware R5 laptop in this? It's very difficult to ascertain from photo's, although their very good.
Yes, But this is not a lite case!
I received mine, but with a different logo on the case, saying "pure outdoor" instead of monoprice. Anyone experienced the same? any more info on this?
pure outdoor is monoprice's boutique sub-brand for their rugged/outdoor stuff. like their camping gear, "yeti" style coolers, etc.
How many foam layers? 3 or 4? How many have plucks?
Have a similar case which has 4 layers but only layer 2 (from the top) has the pluck outs - so had to make manual cuts in layer 3. Looks fine when the case is full - but ugly when there stuff is out of it.
Can we lock this or add locks? loos like holes near each latch, but I want to be sure.
YES, space for Four locks available. See pics above.
I have one that I bought several drops ago. I added my own hard foam and made a 2 layered computer case which holds all my electronics and tape measures etc. I have a large variety of cases, it is my thing. This is a great case and that is all.
You can get this case is on Jet for the same price with a 10$ referral discount. I have ordered two and they both arrived 3 days after ordering.
Jet is awful. I bought some shoes through them that were the wrong size (they shipped US size when the item specifically said it was UK sized). The customer service was argumentative and rude. I finally got a refund, but had to waste a lot of time and energy emailing people to get an RMA and refund. This and Jet is not really a retailer with their own warehouses. More like an aggregator with some purple branding.
On Monoprice's own site the price is $34.99.
That one is half the size. The same one that is here is $66.99 + $10.99 shipping.
Stimpy you eeediot!!! You're looking at a different/smaller item! Open your eyes and pay attention before posting B.S.!
Pluck foam or solid foam? The description says "As the case comes with a solid foam interior layer, you can cut out spaces to fit your specific instruments." yet the pictures say pluck.
It's pluck, see my pictures above. I created the spaces. Very versatile. Note: The upper lid and bottom Base have solid foam Liners.
Would love if this thing shipped to New Zealand.
Harbor Freight has basically the same thing in multiple sizes for $15-$30
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No, you did say "basically the same", implying some difference. I just wanted to point out the big ones for those who read that and might not go research before the drop is over.
I've looked at the Apache one at HF myself, and if i find myself needing a smaller case I would definitely consider them (I don't do much boating with sensitive equipment anyway lol). They seem sturdy enough, and decent foam from the feel of it. Definitely better then any of their previous foam filled cases
Thanks for this, almost forgot about the HF cases and a regular search for hard case doesn't turn up the Apache case series. The depth on the largest HF case is better than this MP one too. Win win, plus with a flyer super coupon you get $8 off to bring it to ~$32.
If anyone has multiples, do the moulded u-shaped elements on the largest faces interlock to allow them to stack securely, or can one be easily slid off another when they're stacked?
I know this is late, but for future drop researchers : Yes, the feet on these lock into the grooves on the lids. These won't slide off each other
Anyone know if you can put a shoulder strap on this? If so, recommendations?
This drop shipped the next day. Great buy.
Does the 12.1cm interior height include the black foam in the lids, or is it just the thickness of the customizable foam layer? Considering this for a piece 119mm high, and I want to know if it will fit like I expect it to.
No shipping to Canada, UK, Australia? Are they worried they'll break in transit? (Can't be a very good product then... So the World of countries (minus 1) will go elsewhere for gear that's not so...fragile!)
It is not fragile, have one from a past drop. They just are mean
(And Mean People Suck!) :)
You can get this on for $49.54 if you use the Coupon Code: SAVE15. I just ordered mine, and I'll get it shipped to me much quicker than this MD.*BIL10dmOI:414385:1:10&siteID=3.BIL10dmOI-VHZhZxjKIX_.2Lwqi78bfQ
That is an affiliate link.
edit: Affiliate link posted for a full year. wow.
FWIW this is not the same box as the one at Sams. This one has four sets of holes for locks, two around each latch. The Sams box has holes for two locks, but they're metal-reinforced.
I'm not saying that one or the other is a better design or a better deal. I AM saying that they are different products, in at least this way and probably others as well.
You know what? Let's continue. The reinforcing external ribs are a different pattern on each. Also the surface texture of the Sams box makes it look like a simple plastic whereas the drop looks like it's made of some fiber-reinforced plastic. Lastly, the latches here look like a more complex design with a multi-part latch. Might be more secure, might have more parts to break.
tl;dr: NOT the same
Sam's club model is smaller and only ip55 vs monoprice ip67. This means the Sam's club model cannot be submerged while this one can.
Guys sams club has these in their brand for $20 🤷‍♀️
Got it from FedEx on Friday and I like it so far. Not as clean and easy to takeout foam cutouts as I thought it'd be, but after a little bit of time, looks pretty good. Fits a decent amount of equipment for small to medium jobs.

Came to the comments hoping for some packing-eye-pron like this, and you delivered. MD give this guy a coupon and use this image to sell more of these cases! 😃
Same price, but with free shipping on Amazon now, so $10 cheaper
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wasnt this literally up on massdrop 3 weeks ago for $35 drop price // $65 MSRP

Agreed. The MSRPs listed around here are truly worthless and—whether it's intentional or not—misleading. Over time I've come to use Massdrop more as a place to find cool stuff rather than a place to buy cool stuff, all because, more often than not, I can get the same exact product for a comparable price elsewhere, and receive it in an infinitely more reasonable amount of time.
You can buy this at Sam's Club for $19.99
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I think that this is what they are referring to: Seems to be out of stock in every store I've checked.
The Sam's one is much cheaper in price AND quality. Only IP55 rated meaning dust/water resistant NOT proof. And they don't seem to have it anymore.
Glad this has come back but do we know the shipping to the UK?
Anyone out there using this for pedals? And if so, will it fit a few Boss pedals and a Crybaby?
Depends. You can cut into the foam a few inches to make it fit. This will only fit like a wah and 3 pedals +power supply max. Im thinking about getting one for my second pedal board.
I hate to comment again but this drop has been re-issued and I haven't gotten any feedback. Do these compare to any of the pelican models?
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Pelicans are most certainly not overpriced. A factor in price is quality and product life, and comparing to a pelican case there is no better quality. They are a trusted brand and for marginally more money than these cases you can own them. The military drops gear in them out of planes for a reason, they last and have been proven to last.
The outside is durable, the foam is ...foam. he only difference is the latches on the monoprice are harder to use as they are super stiff and sit in a recess of the shell so they are a pain to unsnap.
Looks like it will... but, would like to verify that this will hold HTC Vive headset, controllers, adapters and cables?
Also interested in this. If nobody answers before I get home, I'll do a trace-out to make sure.
I would love to join this drop but it never ships to Canada..... massdrop is starting to kill me here.....
Anyone have thoughts on use of these cases for firearms travel?
get a good lock and you'd be golden. I have a pistol in a smaller case that is very similar, a pelican case. From my research you can check firearms on an airplane in these.
I've traveled with a firearm in Pelican smaller than this as well. Get a good lock and you should be GTG.
how do we get the foam custom cut?
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wow this makes it so much better. I thought you had to cut it and then buy new foam for a new storage item which would have been a PAIN!
You DO have to buy new foam to reconfigure it. One can pick the foam squares and pluck them out, but they don't go back in.
Is this comparable to any pelican cases?