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Spend your money on something that doesn’t break inside of a year. Upon autopsy of my mount there are just 2 little nipples on about a dr.seuss book cover worth of plastic that holds the whole thing together. Poor design, customer service is trash, haven’t received any acknowledgement from anyone after a customer service rep left me hanging on an email response.
Is Montar out of business and massdrop is selling old inventory? A quick internet search shows that this is not for sale anywhere and the only information is from product reviews 3-4 years ago.
They only sell from their website ,
You would think they are out of business with how bad their customer service is.
I have used two of these in the past. The suction indeed is the best I have come across in a mount. However the crazy issue is with the spring loaded phone grip. I don't think it's been appropriately stress tested as the spring gave away within two months of my original as well as the subsequent replacement I bought. You will use this multiple times a day and unfortunately it seems that the spring-mechanism can't keep up.
Most windscreens are slightly curved and not flat - how will this still work?
This is the highest quality phone mount I have used. Having said that, I have one issue, I drive an 04’ Subaru Outback and it has trouble staying stuck down when it gets warm outside. It hasnt lost any of its ability to stick, but somthing to keep in mind for those of us with textured dashboards.
I've had mine since March 2016 and has been working great to this day. The suction cup is very strong and shows no signs of giving up. Highly recommended. Only thing I've learned with this type of mount is don't forget to remove it from your windshield if your car is going to sit in the hot sun for a period of time. Mine didn't melt but it took an extreme amount of effort to get the suction cup off the glass. Surprised I didn't break it in the process, goes to show how durable it is.
Scosche magic mount, FTW.
Pros: This thing is awesome. I have been using it for a year and 3 months in FL. It is sturdy, the windshield is more likely to fall out of the car before this does. I have switched cars (rentals) and the adhesive gel in the suction cup does not lose its hold. It's like pulling off an octopus tentacle. If the gel gets dirty, just wash with water. I have a Samsung 8+ (prior a Samsung Note 4) which has some girth (add to it the case protector) and it becomes a challenge to insert the phone since it requires me to pull both mounting arms out. The phone is mounted landscape to utilize the full screen for Waze. I inserted the phone on the bottom arm, pulled a bit down, pushed the top arm with my fingers to make room, then slipped the phone in.

Which brings me to the cons. Unfortunately due to having to force both arms out and both springs being under extreme strain, the top mounting arm's spring broke. Regardless, the phone's girth helps it to stay in place with the lower working arm so I am still able to use it without any problem, in fact it is easier to insert into the mount. The rubber ridges on the mounting arms keeps it sturdy.

I am a little disappointed with the breaking of the spring (1 1/4 years later), but by far this is still the best mount I have ever purchased. Size does matter and although the specs may say it will hold phones up to certain dimensions, it does so under extreme duress on the springs. I found this to be true with the other mounts I have purchased in the past, however they failed in less time. With phones getting bigger everyday, I would definitely purchase another Montar, but I will make sure that it will have the capability of holding a phone much bigger than mine.
My mount finally "died" after over 2 years use. The suction cup ripped when I tried to remove it from my car to put into a rental car. Mea culpa, it isn't made to be removed/installed multiple times (40+) over its lifetime. Mechanically everything is the same as my last comment, one broken spring. I read in the comments someone suggesting to remove it from the windshield when not in use. With the goop that enhances the adhesion of the suction cup to the windshield, it would be a messy hassle. I left mine on the windshield always (unless I needed it on a rental). If I could find a replacement suction cup it would be back on my windshield for another year+ or at least until the other spring broke. I am planning to buy another when it comes on sale.
I've been using this in hot ass So. Cal on a Honda Accord. After a brutal summer so far so good. back to buy another for a holiday gift.
Got this mount on the last drop. Wasn't impressed. The suction cup (even with the pad provided) won't grip the dash surface of my Subaru BRZ or my Nissan Frontier SV pickup truck. The amount of screen angle (downward) adjustment is limited by the solid body design. It looks great but there is a serious lack of functionality.
Will this fit a Samsung Galaxy J7?
It's according to specs 3inches wide, 5.5inch diagonal screen. However the case probably adds another .1-.2 inches to width.

I'm trying to find something that would fit my damn phone lol.
I've owned this mount for 8 months now and had no problems from it until now. The suction cup worked perfectly well for me and never fell off, but today the spring broke so the mount is stuck in a permanently open position. I can still put my phone on the mount, but who knows if my phone will fly off over sudden jolts. For $25 I guess I can't say I expected much.
The World’s Strongest Suction Cup.........when you have bit deep into the Massdrop obsession and there is nothing you truly want or need but you just have to have SOMETHING ANYTHING.
Any idea if this could handle an old Garmin GPS? They're a fair bit bigger than your average phone.
Get a ruler and measure your Garmin.
In the specs, they list the max jaw width at 3.5 inches.
I've gone through 2 of these. The first one the spreading mechanism broke after only a few months.
The brand new one will not hold my Pixel XL without falling off. The adhesive is NOT strong enough. Both units I had to personally reattach using a stronger method. Would not recommend.
Used this on a vacation recently and it worked very well. I didn't have to re-stick it to the dash at any time and it held my iPhone 6 in an otterbox defender case without any problems.