Montblanc Meisterstück Classique Ballpoint Pensearch

Montblanc Meisterstück Classique Ballpoint Pen

Montblanc Meisterstück Classique Ballpoint Pen

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guys your buying MBs for the star.. that is it.... in my personal opinion.
these pens are not special, their refills are not particularly good either. it's a show off piece.
unless your in sales or collect pens (or bit of both like me) Cross (>$30) , Visconti (who has a drop right now) or for some fun Retro 51s are cheaper pens and have a better feel to me among plenty of other brands..
if you dont like the refill.. just buy a different refill.
if it does does not feel right in terms of weight, size, mechanism, etc.., then flip it.
if doesn't seem worth the money.. then it's almost certainly not, at least for you... $200-2000 pens are not worth the money unless you collect or sale or some other reason, but in terms of just writing utility.. a pilot g2 or uniball elite will get the job done.
i only use my MB to see if the ink is flowing well, so my guest can sign contracts while i use something else.
I bought the platinum at the last drop not too long ago. This is $25 cheaper. That sucks for me, but good for those that join this drop.
I agree.. i dont like it... but oh well...
I love when MB uses the marketing phrase "precious resin", when in reality, is just "proprietary mix of plastic".
What refills does this pen take? Are MB ballpoint and rollerball (which would be my preference) refills the exact same form factor?
Is this the current Montblanc (smaller sized BP) 10883 ?
With a broad point refill?
Yep from my research so far this is the smallest ballpoint of the 3 with the Le Grand being the fattest. I'll let you all know what I think of it when it arrives. I had an opp to buy this duty free 15 yrs ago for AUD $165 and been kicking myself ever since as I went into TAFT in Melbourne to try it and from memory liked the writing experience. But alas on my misely salary at the time it was a bit rich for me. I also picked up the brown Visconti ballpoint in the recent MD drop so will try to give you my impressions of how both perform. I'm pretty much writing in my notebook for my job everyday averaging four to five A5 pages a day both sides. So hoping one or both will become my EDC!
Thank you. I look forward to reading your thoughts when you receive this MontBlanc.
Massdrop, can you please answer the following questions? It will help people make up their minds for a purchase.
1) Does the pen come with Montblanc Warranty?
2) Is this a genuine Montblanc ballpoint pen or a knock off?
3) Did you secure these items from an Authorized Dealer?
It's unusual to see a Montblanc being sold at a 'discount'. Nonetheless I owned a fountain Montblanc for EDC and was not impressed. Keep in mind that my job involves writing and signing off on things for probably 3-4 hours per day, so I had intended to use it heavily.
It certainly got lots of looks and admiration, but it was not practical for use in a professional setting. Despite care, the piano finish began scratching severely in 2-3 weeks. After about a month ink flow became inconsistent, so I sent it in for warranty repair. A few weeks after it was returned, the problem cropped up again. I eventually sold the pen for parts on eBay.
I write on lots of low-quality paper (photo copies, newspaper, whatever I can find), so that is probably the reason it failed so completely. But do note that this is more a piece of jewellery than a rugged writing instrument.
I now own a Lamy 2000, which is designed for heavy use and is a tool. It hasn't skipped a beat. The Montblanc felt like a toy in comparison.
I only use my MBs for contract signatures, basically I only use them to see if they are working so someone can sign off on everything. The rest of my paperwork I use Cross, Retro 51, Visconti, etc..
You are really just paying for that little white star.. but in my line of work.. stupid shit like MBs are appreciated and can spark up a chat.. basically try to have a pen for every buyer... well that's my excuse.. and my other excuse is that they hold their value like great watches.. so if when i get one i dont like or seems redundant, can flip it for gain or minimal loss.
I received this as a gift. It remains the most underwhelming pen in my collection. The pen has little weight, not much balance to speak of. If you close your eyes and pick it up, it feels like a plastic pen. Recently I fitted the pen with a Cross Rollerball refill. It is so smooth and writes so well that it has made me pick up this pen more.

As for “signing the most important documents “, I brought my favorite fountain pen to sign my home refinancing documents. They told me that they will reject the signature if it is not signed with a blue ballpoint pen. So I had to use the Paper Mate.
"As for “signing the most important documents “, I brought my favorite fountain pen to sign my home refinancing documents. They told me that they will reject the signature if it is not signed with a blue ballpoint pen. So I had to use the Paper Mate."

Hilarious! I did the same thing...
Paper Mate should capitalize on that with the marketing slogan "We sign more important documents in the world than Mont Blanc" haha
How can we be sure about the pen authenticity? Is it comeing from an AD of MB?
Anyone know where I can get replacement ink “cartridge” for this pen. The one that comes with it is a bit shit. Maybe some third party make a compatible?

A step up in quality, and much less expensive than the OEM unit.
C'mon, MassDrop, get us some MB fountain pens! :)
I have purchased 4 pens and 2 other items and have had zero problems. Shipping was almost immediately and all Items were brand new. Warranty cards were sent in and Emails received from companies with congrats and instructions if ever needed.