Montegrappa Fortuna Camouflage Fountain Pensearch

Montegrappa Fortuna Camouflage Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Fortuna Camouflage Fountain Pen

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" All fountain pens come with a medium nib. "

Not anymore it would seem, there are options in checkout for Fine, Medium or Broad.
I just want the ballpoint :(
Hold up guys, I can’t see the pen!
You beat me to it.
This drop may be kinda pointless, but atleast the camo jokes will never stop being funny
How could I not get this! It goes perfectly with my field archery kit! The pen will last longer than the Macallan 28.
I'll toast it's first use and think of you Hewbacca!!
First time I've ever seen a drop go with zero takers. Of course, I fully understand why.
un. be. lievable.

Another Montegrappa steel nib for hundreds.... At $50-$90 I'd jump, but who things these are good values?
They have the Ensso PIUMA Black Aluminum Fountain Pen offered. You can buy that and buy a separate 14k nib and still walk away about $100 cheaper.
Really?! Why drop $300 on a steel nib, cartridge pen when you can get something like a Lamy 2000 with a gold nib and piston fill at nearly half the price.
The camo pattern is weird, more like marble than camo.
I had one, loved it--then one day I dropped it in the bush. Searched for hours but never could find it (camo was just to good). Broke my heart.
This is fascinating. In order to purchase this, you must be the perfect combination of three separate groups: Pen nerds, Tactical/Hunting nerds, and people with the means to spend $300 on a pen. If you are just two of the three, you don't want this. Non-Pen nerds want a ballpoint or rollerball (or pencil), non Tactical/Hunting nerds want an elegant fountain pen with a metal or engraved finish, and most people won't spend $300 on a pen.

Fascinating. I want to have a beer with the one person who's bought this. Or more accurately, a Macallan 28.
I saw a camouflage fountain pen and thought: That's perfect, came and saw the price... I can't justify 300 on a pen. Only 2/3 here.
Monkey shoulder is good enough for me
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