Montegrappa Fortuna Silver Mule Fountain Pensearch

Montegrappa Fortuna Silver Mule Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Fortuna Silver Mule Fountain Pen

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I’ll just say that I bought a Montegrappa Fortuna Fine nib, and it was the worst nightmare I ever had, if you think about smoothness, you better forget it, let me start saying that the nib scratches the paper, and it isn’t just me, do the research!, this kind of brand has a lot complaints about the fine nib, do you think about replacing the nib?, well good luck trying to find one, get in contact with montegrappa people?, don’t even think about it! they send you to one of their representatives, Kenro that’s the dealer name in NY, then you pay $35 in advance, so you can send the pen to Kenro, and they send it to Montegrappa in Italy, that’s the procedure, just to check your pen, not saying that this way it’ll take more than a month, if it’s under the warranty, they could do it for


free, if not they let you know if you want to do the job, so in my opinion, nah thanks, those pens look good, but too much trouble!
I don’t mind their using steel nibs, but bring down those prices. Don’t see a reason for gouging.
I am inclined to agree with you.
Many European steel nibs are excellent. My Pelikan 200 is incredibly smooth. However, while typically Montegrappa makes a beautiful pen, I too tend to believe this particular pen is overpriced at this price point. I would not put the company’s pens in my top 5 performing pens.
No weight listed for a metal pen? Bad form, Massdrop. Bad form.
This pen’s nib and body are made of steel?? The price seems a bit high.
No gold nib for $280, ouch. Beautiful pen though.
Montegrappa should consider using something other than steel nibs.