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400mAh... hmm the only thing i can think of that would charge from that is like a smartwatch.
The sony smartwatch 3 might be a good product to pair with this since it has a 420 mAh battery.
Thanks for the extra detail Jonas but I think it'd be better if the functionality of the battery was also reviewed. That is IMHO the prime function of this. I am having difficulty accepting that this is more than a gimmick due to it's size. Note I do NOT mean that it is poorly/cheaply made, it just seems that it's like being handed a teaspoon when you need to fill a bucket.
teaspoon -> bucket yes sureee
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Hey Ogen_the_Matic,

Love your enthusiasm and glad you created a poll, but Discussions are really for members to discuss the product being offered. This kind of promotion generally detracts from the conversation, unless it's for a related product that you think is better/different. It's great that you're trying to get more votes for the poll, but there are better places to do that in the future. Thanks!
Okay. Maybe I've just got too much time on my hands and/or not enough patience but I'll try to behave myself.
I DO actually like this product though & am considering it!
Ah, pens with "other stuff" in them... that takes me back. Does anyone remember when you could get pens with a digital clock in them? Am I just showing my age now? Anyhoo, it's an interesting idea, but how does it write?
Has anyone tried to use this for writing? Is it okay or does it feel awkward for being "top-heavy"? (I Imagine it'd be with the battery on top.) Coz if it works well, despite it's 400mAh capacity, it'd be good enough to replace that 'standard' pen we all carry around anyway - with the added assurance that you'll always have that extra juice in the event that your phone dies and you have that one important call you desperately need to go through.
Hey Virael -- Great question; we actually rejected a similar product from another brand because we tried the sample and it was top-heavy, cheap-feeling, and wrote poorly.

We liked the build quality and writing on this much better, and you're correct about this being an emergency back-up, not a device for regularly recharging a battery.

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Could be useful in an emergency I guess. But I don't know why I would be carrying a pen instead of a charger...
I don't mean to be a curmudgeon, but 400mAh?

A single rechargeable AAA battery is at least twice that. What can you recharge with 400mAh?

(Do I have to turn in my geek card now? :-/ )
i tend to agree hy phone is 3200mAh so that means i can only charge it 1/8 of the way full
My experience too with these kind of battery backups is that they don't keep a charge for long, meaning you may need to top off your phone etc, but find that this extra battery depleted.
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