Morakniv Basic 511 Fixed Blade  (2-Pack)search

Morakniv Basic 511 Fixed Blade (2-Pack)

Morakniv Basic 511 Fixed Blade (2-Pack)

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This is barely cheaper than the Amazon product, no?
I got an email on July 10th saying that the most recent drop was cancelled and not going to be fulfilled for greater than 30 days. Does anyone know what’s going on? Still waiting
In the meantime, at least you've already been charged, so that's nice. I sent a message to Massdrop trying to find out what's going on. Two days later the reply was basically "Keep an eye out for our reply". Why do I put myself through this BS?
A little off topic.... But why is every drop suddenly marked "New Arrival"?
This one has almost a year's worth of discussion and almost 1,900 sold
What is this fresh new hell of Md marketing bs?
im swedish i can get this knife for 4-6$ ish and i hated this knife and instead i got the 10-12$ robust and its soooo much better
Yeah I got the Craftline Pro and I love the thing. I've always been a fan of Morakniv and have used their Companion (awesome knife by the way!) as well.
I too love the Craftline and Companion knives. Not a fan of the basic. The handles feel terrible. Pay a couple extra bucks and get something else in the Mora family. Sometimes they are just as cheap. Picked up a bunch of Craftline knives and chisels for five bucks each on Woot back in February.
So is this really a 2-Pack of knives or is it still a single blade?
Because if it's a 2-Pack at the lowest price available, it might be worth it for Canadians.
"2 pack"

1 knife
1 Plastic belt sheath"

You guys at MD really need to get yer shit together when details change from one drop to the next.
It takes 2 minutes to read through the previous description before putting it live again 🙄
If you get any of the Mora's you won't be disappointed. Great product but come on MD. Same knife green handle $9.41 , Black $9.50 and Orange for $9.99 @ Amazon and prime free shipping or over $50 free 5-7 day delivery. Oh, if you lose things easy, pay extra for the orange. It will show up great in the woods or grass.
Amazon 05/29/18 for $7.99 and free shipping.
Plus no extra cost for any color choice.
Does MD hate lefties? Not seeing any of the fixed blades that I am interested with an option for a left handed or an ambidextrous sheath.

Starting to think that MD is arming all of the righties so they can eliminate us lefties.
Great knives, but I see them retail for ten to twelve dollars.
Ahhh, this is avail. on Amazon for less
What was wrong with it before it was fixed? This is important information that you strangely left out of the description. Shame.
/s ?

If not, "fixed" means a fixed-blade. Blade is fixed to the handle, cannot be collapsed.
I have the Companion and the Pro-C. If you are considering this I would splurge for the Pro-C for about 2 dollars more. It's identical with a more rubberized handle instead of the PCV I think think this is made of.
These are virtually the same price on amazon and have prime shipping. That said I just got the companion in cyan blue for like $12.xx with free shipping from amazon. This doesn’t seem like even a decent deal.
this is a very good knife but ten dollars is a lot of money for a knife that can be had for 5 (atleast where i live)