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Currently $52 on Amazon, but back on the 15th I was able to snag it for $45 when the price dipped down for a moment.

I may be wrong, but I believe that the Survival version is stainless, not carbon, steel. It's hard to be sure in the orange knife's picture resolution, but the stamp looks like "Stainless Steel" to me.
Why is the model rubbing the firesteel on the sharpening stone in the picture of the black knife with survival sheath? Made me laugh
Is there any way to get an attachment that allows you to hang this knife in scout-carry?
I would recommend looking for an aftermarket sheath. Just google it and you'll find a few Kydex options. The included sheath works well for my purposes (backpacking) which make scout carry impossible or very uncomfortable (as the backpack would be on top of it). But it is not particularly strong in retention. If turned upside down and shaken, the knife can fall.
So, am I understanding this correctly that the totally black version with the fire starter is $7 more than the orange version with the fire starter? They're the same knife and fire starter, right? There's no real difference other than color, right?
If the only difference is color between the two I may consider picking up the orange version.
I just want to make sure because it seems awfully strange to me.
Pretty sure the orange one is a Stainless Steel blade VS Carbon Steel for the two black versions.
Thanks! I didn't consider that for some reason.
lol what? They sell these for like $8 at a boat store near my house.
No they don't. Wrong knife.
Some Moraknives can go as low as around $10, but I doubt that's what your boat store is selling unless you live in Sweden. And definitely not the Bushcraft version.
Am I correct in that this knife only has a 3/4 tang?
Yes, but I've put my Mora through everything from carving to medium batoning, and it's still going strong
I love my Mora knives! The Bushcraft is stouter than most at 3.2mm thickness and the carbon steel is easy to sharpen and takes a really, really good edge. The Massdrop price at $29 is quite good! If you’re looking for an inexpensive primary bushcraft knife, this is an excellent choice. As a backup blade for your pack, you might go lighter with something like the Mora Companion, which you can get for $15 or so.
As an FYI regarding the rust and oiling discussions, this blade is DLC coated (one of the reasons for the higher price vs other Mora knives) and doesn’t really need oiling except at the exposed edge.
I paid $80 a couple years ago for this knife with the survival sheath. This knife rocks, it's super though. You can beat the heck out of it and it won't break. I only wish I got the regular version because the survival sheath is redundant weight. In short trips it will hold an edge really well, and I always bring a flint with me to start fires. So I have additional 2 ounces on my backpack that I don't really need. I like this knife so much that at $30, I'm cosidering getting another one here with the regular sheath just so I drop 2 ounces off my pack weight. Oh, just remember that with any high carbon steel you have to wash and dry the knife every time you use it. I also rub it with olive oil when I get home, before putting it back in the drawer, otherwise it'll rust. Buy with confidence, this is worth your money.
I never thought about it becoming rancid, thanks. I did a little research after reading your suggestion. I think I'll stick with olive oil. The amount I leave on the blade is minimal to change the taste of food or to make me sick; the biggest problem with rancid olive oil is that it loses its health properties when rancid. And as far as mineral oil, although it's considered safe, it's still a petroleum product. I know it's used to treat some stomach problems, but you're not even supposed to take it within two hours before a meal. So between minimal amounts of either olive or mineral oil getting into my food, if any of them had any impact on my body (so minimal it's unlikely), I would rather it be a tiny rancid taste than an upset stomach. Besides, I'd rather put rancid olive oil in my body than a petroleum distillate any day. I really do appreciate your comment because it made me look into it. Aloha and mahalo from Hawaii, Léo
I guess it's a good thing that I make sure I do my research when buyingn legitimate olive oil, and that I don't eat canned pr prepackaged food, crackers, chocolate, pizza. The organic foos that I grow and,that I buy at the local farmers market here in Hawaii does me well, I guess. So, the hard fact is that I should spend money on mineral oil and then prepare my foos, cut my fruits with a knife coated with a laxative oil, when I already have pure olive oil at home? I'll take my facts over your emotions. No, buddy, you domt sound like an asshole, you sound like a fool, "lol"
I joined this drop, but it's not showing in my 'Drops' section - can someone help me confirm I'm in please? Thanks.
Please reach out to Customer Support @sunandstars and they will be able to help you out.
Where on earth does this thing sell for $80?! pretty sure you can get the Garberg for that much!
" Bushcraft knife features a durable 3.2-millimeter carbon steel blade, while the Bushcraft survival knife has a .12-millimeter black-coated carbon steel blade"
They both have the same thickness blade and coating - its the same knife. The only difference is that the Survival version comes with the firestarter and sharpener integrated into the sheath. 0.125 is the thickness in inches, not millimeters.
If you want a similar knife in stainless, there's the Morakniv Orange Bushcraft Knife without firestarter:
Or the stainless Morakniv Forest Bushcraft with a slightly thinner blade and different geometry:
If this were the Bushcraft Survival knife with fire starter for $29.99 I'd be in. ..but the additional $14 plus shipping doesn't really make this much of a deal.
Currently going for $48.96 on Amazon with free shipping. Not such a hot deal.
agreed, this deal is terrible. comes out to $54+ with shipping, compared to the $48.96 model
Please pardon my ignorance, but all of the pictures here seem to show knives with black blades. Is the standard Bushcraft blade back as well? It's only mentioned in the specs for the Bushcraft Survival.
Own the regular bushcraft and it does indeed come with the coated blade. I don't think they make an SS version of this knife but if they do it may come sans coating.
Cheers. Thanks for the knowledge.
Is it me that's the only one noticed that in one picture a male hand is showing that you can strike your fire steel with the built in diamond sharpener, never tried that I only use it as a backup as I use the square ground spine of the blade for that
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anything with a good 90 degree edge will work well, even saw sandpaper used to get a spark.
What I meant to say is that I do use the back of the blade,it just seemed to me that MD would show a pic as if you were going to strike your fire steel on to the diamond sharpener,just seems is all
Very fair price.
I already own this knife, and purchased it at the same price a few years ago.
For the record, this knife has the same tang design as the Mora 2000/Forest/Kansbol (second from bottom.) The Frosts Clipper is the knife currently sold as the Mora Companion.

The heavier tang and the thicker blade make this the best Mora for batoning besides the Garberg, at the expense of somewhat worse cutting performance. I prefer to use a hatchet to split wood, so this knife isn't for me, but it's a fine knife regardless.
Mora companions have a 3/4 stick tang like the #711, after it was updated in 2012.
Amazon Prices (w/Prime) vs Massdrop (w/S&H): Morakniv Bushcraft: A-$39.95, M-$33.74 (Massdrop save $6.21!) Morakniv Survival Knife: A-$61.92, M-$47.74 (Massdrop save $14.18!!)
Massdrop definitely wins this one, especially for the surivial knife version.
Does anybody have experience getting this (or other knives) shipped to Canada? Are there extra duties etc?
Anyone aware of Lefty/Ambi sheath options that match the brand aesthetic for affordability?
So does Morakniv just use some proprietary steels? Because "carbon steel" doesn't tell you much.
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Not sure if it's gonna answer your question but they have a lot of information on their website (both in English and Swedish). It's a Morakniv though so the quality is always gonna be there.
It's back, if you still want it.
This is a fantastic knife. It is a rat tail not a full a tang. Quite capable for battoning, Wood craft Bush craft and all camp chores. I have taught hundreds of scouts with this knife it is a fantastic fit sharpens easily and perhaps the best value on the market . It is not a Rambo knife , but if that's what you're into this is not for you .
Get this knife, it's fucking awesome
is there international shipping on this? how much?
Recently they made it so you have to click "join drop" for details. So click that or just buy from somewhere that actually provides information to the consumer upfront. :)
Is this full tang?
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No but it has a thicker/wider tang than most moras
Love mora knives, extremely good value and functional.
I thought the point of these "drops" were to save us money?
The survival version would cost me $55.74, and I need to wait.
I can get it on Amazon shipped to me in 2 days for $54.19.
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The "base" knife in this drop is $33.74 shipped to me. Amazon it is $39.95, so just over 20% savings. That is worth waiting a few weeks imo.
+$14 makes it $47.74 Amazon is $61.92...
By the way, I'm pretty sure the diamond sharpening plate is for sharpening the knife.
There's a picture showing the guy scrubbing the ferro rod across the surface of the sharpening plate. I'm assuming this is to illustrate the use of the ferro rod to start a fire?
Unless I don't know about this technique, that seems totally wrong.
I always though you were supposed to scrape down the length of the ferro rod with the sharpened squared spine of the knife, which is a feature of the Bushcraft knife, and other knives designed to work with ferro rods.
Is scrubbing the ferro rod across the diamond plate really a legit technique, or did the production team not know what they were doing?
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My only thought, which I would use the back of my blade for, would be to create some shavings. Still it's not being used as intended. I have the survival version and I don't recommend it. The knife itself is fantastic, the extra stuff isn't as quality as I would prefer. The ferro rod is small and the sharpening plate is very rough and not great unless you've really blunted your blade. Just my opinion. 29.99 for the black is a decent deal though.
Yes they are retarded, also, the ferro rod they give you is ok. Not bad, but just ok.
Would I be correct in saying that the survival version is the same knife, but with a different sheath that has an integrated fire starter and sharpener? If you order the survival version do you get both the original bare-bones sheath and the fire starter sheath? Maybe the answer is in the description, but it wasn't clear to me. Thank you.
Yes, that is correct. It is the same knife, but the survival sheath has the sharpening plate and fire rod.
I purchased the survival version from another vendor. The knife came together with the survival sheath in a carded package. I'm assuming this is how the survival sheath will be offered here.
So unless Massdrop is bundling a separate survival sheath with the regular Bushcraft knife, I would think there is no extra sheath. So I think you only get one sheath per knife.
Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.