Montegrappa Ducale Fountain Pensearch

Montegrappa Ducale Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Ducale Fountain Pen

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I have a Monte Grappa Montegrappa with the steel nibs and it is one of my favorite writers. I carry it daily. Also have a Parola in Fine that is exceptionally smooth. And a Grand Ducale Emperador with a gold nib that is outstanding. And the quality of all three is excellent. This pen may not be cheap but it is still a great pen for this price.
Montegrappa these days is a disaster, and they should fire their marketing and product managers. They used to make super nice pens with gold nibs and cellulose body. Now, they are making tasteless and poorly made pens for the mass market. From what I gather, these cheap pens are not selling well. Someone do something before the brand is totally ruined.
The Montegrappa line of pens is absolutely horrendous. I own a Parola fountain pen and I must say that the pen looks good. That maybe the ‘only good thing’ about the pen. Otherwise the pen is a piece of garbage !! Comes with a scratchy steel nib for that price.
When I look at a fountain pen; I look at nib quality; how does it write once you ink it; ink carriage and build quality. Montegrappa pens only score point on their build quality - again that is relative because they are heavy pens - which some folks may not like.
$350 resp. $230 for a steel nib?
Hi All,

We have extended the drop for an extra 2 days to give community members an extended opportunity to purchase. The ship time for this drop will remain the same, grab 'em while you can!
My favorite Montegrappa so far is the Fortuna. I love the gunmetal version. Next would be the Parola in blue. I really like Montegrappa's line for the most part.
It isn't about nibs, Montegrappa is about design. They create an accessory, not a pen. They create ridiculous ostentatious pens which I'm ridiculously enamored by. I still don't own a Montegrappa, but I'm actually planning on a ballpoint Ducale Murano to round out my pen collection. It helps that this particular model is rather tame and discreetly elegant. Which is why I''ll be getting only this model BP, and not their other, sometimes monstrous and always much more expensive, offerings.

That said, if a ballpoint Ducale Murano in the color I want shows up on MD, looking at the price on this drop, I don't know that it will be more cost-effective to buy from here than from one of European online shops with a discount code from SBRE Brown and sans VAT, since I'm outside the EU.
Did they lower the price? Nice looking pens, but still a bit steep for a steel nib.
Agreed. Can pick up a Sailor w/21k nib for the same price.
Nowhere near the beauty of this pen though.
Stainless steel nib for $290?? I'll pass.
indeed ridiculous price
Welcome to Italian pens.
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