MP 27-Inch AHVA WQHD 1440p Pixel Perfect Monitorsearch

MP 27-Inch AHVA WQHD 1440p Pixel Perfect Monitor

MP 27-Inch AHVA WQHD 1440p Pixel Perfect Monitor

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What is the exact day this will end? Friday or Thursday?
Y no ship to uk ? ūü§Ē
I laugh at all the kiddies saying "If it was 144hz I'd buy it"... No you wouldn't, because if it was 144hz it would be $200 more... What you guys want is a 30" 144hz 2k monitor for $200. Maybe in a few years.
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WELL GUYS THERE IS YOUR CHANCE!!!! You all said you would buy it if it was 144hz!!! I only see 1 sold so far.. What are you guys waiting for?????
Lol got emm
60hz? Nice joke there, massdrop, nice joke.
Not everyone games or cares if the mouse cursor is buttery smooth

But yea if this was 100+hz, id be slightly interested
Wow what an obvious rip off of the acer predator
OK, how is the active area larger than the dimensions of the monitor?
What kind of panel is this? VA, I assume?
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Never mind it says AHVA right in the title, duh!
Thanks for the info
If it was 144hz I would buy it! Too bad.
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The Alienware 34" Ultrawide ticks off all the features Im looking for.

IPS, 1440p, curved, 120hz with GSync
But does it have a Mtn Dew holder?

No sale.
No mention of the variable refresh range. If it's a 60 Hz monitor ONLY, then it isn't Freesync.
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Ya, it means it syncs the refresh rate to the frame rate being produced by the video card. BUT - if this is a 60 hz monitor, and there is no mention of refresh RANGE for Freesync, then it is probably better to assume it doesn't support Freesync. do you define Freesync????
The same way. I mean, I think they just added free Sync just to have another feature, because I dont think many people actually get under 60 fps and willingly continue playing

edit: I think I missed the part you mentioned free sync range in your original comment so sry about that.
This makes me want an AMD GPU. Wonderful monitor for gaming.
Dunno if sarcasm or
No. It’s just another awesome monitor with free-sync, so a bad choice for GeForce gamers
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