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Mr. Beer Hard Cider Homebrewing Kit

Mr. Beer Hard Cider Homebrewing Kit

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Easy-to-Brew Hard Cider

An easy way to try brewing yourself, this kit gives you a low barrier to entry with a comprehensive component list and easy-to-follow instructions. And instead of beer, this time you can make Archer’s Orchard Hard Cider to shake things up. The main piece in the bundle is the 2-gallon fermenter: a reusable vat made from UV-resistant, shatterproof material. It’s designed to minimize yeast transfer and has a special venting mechanism to allow your brew to breathe. The wide-mouth top makes it easy to clean and take out your cider when it’s done. A great gift for dad or a fun experiment for the family, the brewing kit comes with eight reusable 1-liter plastic bottles, caps, and labels so you can package your cider just like a traditional brewery.

Note: Final product contains alcohol. Alcohol content of a traditional hard cider refill is estimated to be 4.0% ABV. Actual ABV may vary.

About Mr. Beer

Mr. Beer is THE name in entry-level craft brewing kits. These complete kits have everything needed to brew delicious beer right out of the box with highly detailed instructions outlining every step of the process—so even a first-timer will be confident in executing the brew cycle. If you’re looking for a new hobby, or just dabbling in home brewing, Mr. Beer is the clear-cut way to get started.  


  • Mr. Beer
  • Produces 1 case of beer at a time (8 liters, 2 gallons)
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable
  • Brewing extract is pre-hopped and formulated by certified Master Brewers and produced by Coopers Brewery, Australia


  • 2-gallon fermenter with lid
  • Spigot, washer, and nut
  • 1 Hard Apple Cider refill
  • 1 packet of brewing yeast
  • 8 reusable plastic 1-liter bottles w/ caps
  • 8 labels with Mr. Beer hard cider logo
  • Easy-to-follow 4-step brewing instructions


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