MSI 17.3-Inch 120Hz GE72 Apache Pro-030search

MSI 17.3-Inch 120Hz GE72 Apache Pro-030

MSI 17.3-Inch 120Hz GE72 Apache Pro-030

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I have a few questions about this offer.

As far as i can see the mail in rabate seems to be US only, so as an EU citizen i wont be able to use this rabate?

Also, what power cable does this ship with? If it comes with a power cable that dosnt fit power outlets in my country (denmark), i Think that would cause to many inconveniencies.
Power connector is US use. But you can buy the adapter to change to EU plug. AC Adapter supports 110v-220v.
Mail In Rebate is US only.
Give credit where it's due. Despite Massdrop's recent lack of worthwhile deals, this one stands out. Fair price and with the mail in rebate, you won't be finding this deal elsewhere
Is it windows 10 pro or home?
Looks like Windows 10 Home.
Nice Price !!!
how much stock this laptop ?
Why is MD allowing false descriptions? The 1050ti is 4 levels below top of the line. In fact, there are only 5 chips in the line, the 1050ti is the next to last.
Yep, straight up false advertising. I can't believe they went with that wording.
Massdrop is saying the MSRP on this is $100 more then it actually is. I don't trust this site no more.
120HZ and a 1050Ti? is this a joke? who is this laptop for?
1050ti can easily push 120fps for esports titles
Massdrop please stop offering these SHITTY laptops with i7 processor and a horrible GPU. That's not a gaming laptop. It has to have a 1060 or higher and there is no need for the i7. It just inflates the price by $150+ for ~5% increase in performance. People don't want it.
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Then don't call out MD for the specs in the drop that MSI offered to do. You've suggested but have you started a poll for a drop? You have to remember...other than the stuff in which they partner up with distributors to make MD doesn't cherry pick their drops.
It's not a horrible GPU, it's just definitely not worth this price, even with the extras added.
Does anyone know if there's any kind of extended warranty option with this?
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Also, be sure to use their dragon center to look for any other "promotions" that your purchase may qualify for that aren't advertised. I had a bunch of options. Season pass for Ghost Recon, Lifetime Xplit premium membership, Mouse and mouse pad, there were a couple of others but I don't remember what they were. This was on top of the free code for Ghost Recon/For Honor
you can purchase extended warranty upto 3 years total. This model has 1 year warranty, so you are able to purchase 1 year extended to make it total 2 years, or buy 2 year extended to total 3 years which is the maximum MSI allows.
Kind of strange to call the 1050ti a "top of the line GPU" when it's just one step above the lowest performing current-gen Nvidia card.
There are many, MANY options out there near or slightly above this price range that offer a 1060 or 1070 card.

Research the performance of this GPU VERY closely and make sure it's what you really want/need. My impressions have been that it is a HUGE step down from the 1060/1070 world.