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MSI 27" Optix MPG Series Monitors

MSI 27" Optix MPG Series Monitors

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Great monitor would love it but got no money edit: oh shit it isb’t 1440p
There is an 1440p option
Yeah I saw that but I can’t afford than one either
Is this g-sync or freesync???
No, it's freesync only
The 1440p version (CQ) was just on sale for $399 @ newegg about 2 weeks ago. I remember when Massdrop used to have great deals..
I own the 1440p version of this panel, AMA.
freesync i guess ?
Damn missed the drop. Hopefully it redrops real soon!
It's back!
I face many issues with my MSI monitor from last generation and their support is terrible i don't recommend you guys to risk
I was looking at this screen but I pulled the trigger on the ACER 144hz VA 1440p screen. Newegg had it for $389 with 3 day shipping, but that sale is over. The real reason I went with it, is that Acer has a 3 year warranty vs MSI having a 1 year. Just some food for thought.
I am Partial to the Viotek GN27D, Can find it on Newegg on sale from time to time at 339.99
What's the word on the street for these monitors (particularly the 1440 one) also godamnit please bring 21:9 144Hz 1440+ monitors already...
I believe they use Samsung VA panels. But with these prices, you might as well buy the Samsung versions.

The Samsung models CFG/CHG come with the Quantum Dot layer. Also the CHG has 10 bit (8+FRC), whereas the MPG27CQ is just 8bit.
Any exact models in mind or links even?

Not even $369.99 is a good price..
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i think this one you can map the light bars on the bottom to display HP MANA Bullet count ...etc. in games with the msi App... quite a novelty
yep but i turned it off on mine because they were too distracting at night
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