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It's past the estimated shipping date. What is going on?
When will this be shipped? It's currently 2 days from the estimated shipping date, and I haven't received tracking info.
Hi.. When will this be shipped?
Is there any chance we can get some ryzen cpu's on there own
Same price on the egg .....hmmmmmmmm
Hello Everyone,
A $10 MSI Mail In Rebate has been added to this drop. It is located at the bottom of the drop page.
Will Msi valid the rebate form that is available at Amazon?
Good Call on the rebate. Yes you can use that rebate but I need to get one from MSI that extends the redemption date out to 45 days for Massdroppers. MSI will probably not be able to get us this rebate until Monday.
Is there any chance of a drop for any of the upcoming m-itx boards?
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