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MSI Dominator Pro Dragon Gaming Laptop Bundle

MSI Dominator Pro Dragon Gaming Laptop Bundle

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Looks like its competing with my Predator 17
I looked for the exact model a while back but every vendor wanted over $2000 USD at the time for one. If I would not have given up on gaming laptops (Acer Predator 17 and MSI GT83VR both with defects) and built a desktop I would be all over this.
Never got in on this drop, but as a general forewarning to anyone who is thinking about joining. MSI has some of the absolute worst customer service I've ever encountered as a consumer or working as an IT professional.
Had a hinge break on a $4000 MSI laptop and got dicked around for 6 months with their parts department before they charged me to ship what ended up being the wrong part from their parts HQ overseas. When I called them to ask about getting the correct part shipped to me, the only guy who works/worked (it does appear he's since been fired) in the customer-facing parts department called me a liar and hung up on me without even bothering to check the part ID. They stopped responding to emails and phone calls shortly thereafter.
tl;dr: Good luck if anything ever breaks on your laptop because the manufacturer definitely won't have your back. $2499.00 BETTER DEAL Features Windows 10 operating system Brings back the Start menu from Windows 7 and introduces new features, such as the Edge web browser that lets you mark up web pages on your screen. Learn more › 17.3" Full HD display The 1920 x 1080 resolution boasts impressive color and clarity. Energy-efficient LED backlight. 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ mobile processor Powerful quad-core processing performance. The Intel Turbo Boost technology delivers dynamic extra power when you need it, while increasing energy efficiency when you don't. 16GB system memory for intense multitasking and gaming Reams of high-bandwidth DDR4 RAM let you smoothly run your graphics-heavy PC games and video-editing applications as well as numerous programs and browser tabs at the same time. 1TB hard drive and 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) for a blend of storage space and speed The hard drive provides ample storage, while the SSD delivers faster start-up times and data access. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics Backed by 8GB dedicated video memory, the fast, advanced GPU fuels your games. Smart amplifier technology Delivers louder in-game audio, boosts speaker volume up to 200%, and minimizes distortion to ensure smooth operation. Weighs 7.5 lbs. and is 1.5" thin Prioritizes screen size without sacrificing portability, so you get lots of viewing space without the laptop being too hefty to carry around. Eight-cell lithium-ion battery. Bluetooth 4.1 interface synchronizes with compatible devices Wirelessly transfer photos, music and other media between the desktop and your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or MP3 player, or connect Bluetooth wireless accessories. One USB Type-C port and three USB 3.0 ports maximize the latest high-speed devices The USB 3.0 ports are backward-compatible with USB 2.0 devices (at 2.0 speeds). HDMI output expands your viewing options Connect an HDTV or high-definition monitor to set up two screens side by side or just see more of the big picture. Built-in card reader for simple photo transfer Supports SD and MultiMediaCard memory card formats. Next-generation wireless connectivity Connects to your network or hotspots on all current Wi-Fi standards. Connect to a Wireless-AC router for speed nearly 3x faster than Wireless-N. The Gigabit Ethernet LAN port also plugs into wired networks. Built-in HD webcam with microphone Makes it easy to video chat with family and friends or teleconference with colleagues over Skype or other popular applications. Backlit keyboard for easy typing in dim or dark locations The built-in 10-key numeric keypad lets you quickly input numbers. Keyboard with chiclet keys. One-touch function keys. Customizable Aura RGB keyboard Featuring seemingly endless colors, the keyboard lighting can be fully customized to suit your personality. Powerful thermal design Uses heat pipes and a dual fan system to cool the CPU and GPU independently. Two fans increase air flow through the chassis, and maximize cooling efficiency to provide stability for intense gaming marathons. Additional ports Microphone-in/headphone-out combo jack. Mini DisplayPort.Note: This laptop does not include a built-in DVD/CD drive.
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Yeah but what if I don’t want to spend 2500 on a laptop? What if I only want to spend 1800
You could just pay the extra $100 and get the 256GB and deal with the 1070 instead of the 1080.
If the resolution was better, it would be in consideration. However, 1080P on a 17” display is unacceptable in 2018.
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Alright fancy pants calm down. Some of us don't need, want, or have the cash for a 1440p or 4k display. Considering desktop monitors can be up to like 27" before people start to say they're too big for 1080p, 17" is just fine
especially when gaming on the go, sacrificing 1440p to 1080p is doable and should be expected. I'd rather have frames than resolution while gaming on a laptop and not a desktop
Finally the laptop arrived. It is a great laptop. They even added a extra backpack. But i would have liked it a bit sooner.
Hello massdrop,
It is another month after the drop. Has anything changed from the vendors side? And is there a estimated date?
Hey massdrop what is up with this drop. It is past 15 august (30 days after original date) and still no info on the drop. Is it going to get delivered at all or is there a new date available?
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They did, just a bit late tho. Designing my own laptop already.
Yeah I thought so as well but since it is already 4 weeks in the new school year over here it is already too late for me so I would rather wait a few more weeks to save the money I would otherwise spent on a different one.
Lol my akun blocked massdrop very not recomended
massdrop no responsibility at all running away from the problem

i regret shopping in massdrop why my orderan not sent even in my transaction deleted ..
and I get a payment bill from a credit card ..
massdrop not a recommendation, i regret shopping in massdrop
i regret shopping in massdrop why my orderan not sent even in my transaction deleted ..
and I get a payment bill from a credit card ..
massdrop not a recommendation, i regret shopping in massdrop
What is the new estimated shipping date?
Is there a problem from the items I ordered Why no further confirmation about the items I ordered
Thanks massdrop
is this G-Sync compatible?
wish list
A really poor deal. You can get an almost fully specced out MSI G62VR for that price which has a desktop-class GTX 1070 GPU.
Only if I had the money right now.
For that price I would've expected a M.2 PCIe SSD instead of SATA, and a single 16GB stick of RAM so more could be added. At almost 9 lbs. it is just going to sit on a desk anyway, who would lug that beast around?
Any chance we can get the MSI dragon toy as a separate drop?
MSI don't sell them. If you can make it to PDX Lan, PAX, GDC or Quakecon events, they give them out along with other goodies.

I want to get this drop as soon as possible
Okay if I had the money I would 100% get this drop.
If i had some bitcoins to cash out, i would as well... Nice laptop with the gaming dragon design. I think the dragon eye lights up, too.