MSI GeForce GTX 980Ti Gaming 6G Golden Editionsearch

MSI GeForce GTX 980Ti Gaming 6G Golden Edition

MSI GeForce GTX 980Ti Gaming 6G Golden Edition

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$300 is not bad. It has similar performance to the GTX 1070 which is more expensive. Excellent performance.
does anybody think they'll do a golden 1080ti?
That'd be so cool. Moreso even if they did it with a stock cooler version as well.
cool, its back!! I had got two of these with consecutive serial numbers, I LOVED that

Don't bother. For the price, you'd be better off going with a Radeon RX580 or GTX 1070
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The RX 580 from AMD is worse in terms of performance, although cheaper and better price to performance, the Gtx 1070 is more expensive, and also better in price to performance kappa
Nope. This is on par with the 1070, but cheaper. And this blows the RX580 out of the water.
Exactly how much more powerful is this than an gtx 960, and also does this compare to the 10 series cards?
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frame rates
with 2 cards on ultra, the avg around 100+ fps, but my cards are too close together the top one gets hot and clock speeds drop
I have a 980ti. I've only been debating this because havive 2 with SLI would be nice. Now that is 350.
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the 1080ti gets pretty similar performance to SLI 980ti's in the real world due to all kinds of scaling problems with SLI. Unless you have a really hard need to push 4k, skip SLI.
Yep. I went for two 480's and when they work in cross fire I love it... But when it doesn't it feels like money wasted. A lot of games do not support it unless you play AAA titles and even then its hit or miss.
I paid about $300 for a 980 Ti back in Sept. 2016. New, from Microcenter. This is nowhere near what the price should be.
Um, y
Arguably the quietest/most overclockable 980ti, and it performs on par or better to the $400 1070.

Question is, y nt?
Um, the GTX 980 Ti has similar performance to the GTX 1070 which is $400