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I dont know why some people hate MSI. I own a GE 62 Apache pro, its been almost 3 years and the damn thing wont die and let me get a new one XD
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With all tech products you can get a 'lemon' so to speak. Its the risk you take for the lower price. If you dont want to deal with these issues i suggest you buy a nice alienware from dell directly. Best gaming machine in terms of hardware with exceptional customer support.
I am not worried.... I was the first one who bought on this drop... ;-) Thanks...
Doesn't ship to Israel...
Thanks massdrop...
Sorry, its not Massdrop here. It is all of the regulations that has come out on batteries my friend. This product is over 300 WH on the battery which means it can not be air freighted as the carriers restrict that on individual shipments now.
oh, that sucks...
The pictures in this ad are a little misleading. This is not a thin laptop which is what was presented in the picture in email and at the bottom of all the other pictures. It's a thicker model.

The deal looks good in general for what you get, I'd have two concerns. MSI has historically had pretty low reviews for technical support. Two, if you order this from Massdrop you don't really have anyone between you and MSI to ask for technical help. So you might want to shop around a little before deciding. Sager (my personal choice), MSI, Asus, Dell, etc, etc.
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Yeah see Massdrop is awesome :D
Oh, and in regards to the images. It was not done intentionally to mislead anyone. We are offering the bundle items along with the drop and the generic bundle image has that laptop. We have now updated the images to show the correct model.
Looks like a deal, isn't it ?
Maybe the video memory which is a little too low. but otherwise, seems like a deal.
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Since there are over 50 people now requesting this drop... let me tell you about having the bundle for a few days. There was a small discrepancy ... instead of a gaming mouse, mine came with a gaming audio headset. No bid deal in itself other than the fact that I bought a gaming MassDrop / Sennheiser headset as a separate drop. No big deal, I just bought a gaming mouse and now I have another gaming headset that I don't have a use for. LOL. This is no big deal as I like the gaming headset that I bought. Just wanted people to know. Now, here is my opinion of this Drop... IT ROCKS! Build quality is great.... I love this laptop. ;-). Everything works, everything feels great. My biggest drawback (because I am a MacFanBoy is Windows 10. Oh well. Am a computer engineer... so no big deal with that. I am very satisfied with the laptop... and I could not be happier.
Yup.... had it for a while now.... I am getting everything that I would from this laptop... for the price...and what I got... I have to say... this is a good drop ... ;-)
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