MSI GL72M 17.3-Inch i7-7700HQ Gaming Laptopsearch

MSI GL72M 17.3-Inch i7-7700HQ Gaming Laptop

MSI GL72M 17.3-Inch i7-7700HQ Gaming Laptop

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A quick 2-second search shows Amazon and Newegg with better price
This is embarrassing to even have this as a deal on your site. I could get better at MSRP on newegg.
7700 is PREVIOUS version of i7 year and half old and far slower latest generation which already has 6 cores, while 7700 has only 4.
the 1050 2gb does not deserve to be called a gaming laptop. it's alright in one of those slimmer 2 in 1's for some casual gaming i guess but definitely not worth it in a bulky 17 incher.
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Still a gaming laptop. The manufacturer made it a gaming laptop. Whether you like it or not, it's still a gaming laptop.
I don't play either of those but i'll hand it to you that 114 fps sounds amazing... So i'll begrudge it a light gaming laptop
only 8GB RAM, last gen CPU, microscopic SSD, crappy GPU... Would be somewhat interesting at $700, but at $850? Fuggedaboutit!
see the Asus GL702VM you'll be much happier!!!
Agreed! The Asus only has an i5 though, but a much stronger GPU!
Nice msi! def. gonna get this one.
GL series is only red backlighting
what a shame
Wish it was a 1050ti 🙁
Howdy Everyone,

We just got a pretty good cost drop on this and pass the savings onto the community. The new drop price is in place. We will also be extending the drop to the end of the week to make sure everyone gets a chance to join.

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No, this drop ends today.
Honestly, this is not a "deal". This is a pretty low-spec product for a well above average price. You could regularly see something better than this by a good margin for $100-$150 less at regularly places like Newegg.
Overpriced for a 1050.
The thickness of the graphics card you linked is 1.5 inches. The thickness of the entire laptop in this drop is 1.2 inches. You're comparing a graphics card that is made for a pc tower, which can afford the bulkiness, to a graphics card that has to be compacted in order to fit the slim dimensions of a laptop. The comparison is invalid and it is reasonable to expect a more compact graphics card to be more expensive when we try to compare the components by piecemeal
1050.. Booo =(