MSI GS73VR 17" 120hz GTX 1070 Ultra Thin Laptopsearch

MSI GS73VR 17" 120hz GTX 1070 Ultra Thin Laptop

MSI GS73VR 17" 120hz GTX 1070 Ultra Thin Laptop

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When will be the drop ?
How much did this go far ?
I have a GE63VR 15.6". It's a beast. I imagine the 73 to be the same, with only better cooling because of bigger size. I think this is a great deal.
GS is actually thinner than the GE series. GS73VR is 0.77 inches thick. Their cooling systems is based off of 3 fans, 2 dedicated to GPU and 1 for CPU. Has 5 heat pipes to help with dissipation of heat. Their fan blades are custom designed to maximize airflow.

Now this is a drop! Thanks MassDrop!
If only it were 8th gen.. :(
(-) NO G-SYNC NO IPS (it's a TN panel - but a very good one!). REMOVING BOTTOM PANEL VOIDS WARRANTY !!!

(?) Horrible battery life compared to other models (but it is a gaming laptop after all, so not that important for most). Forces you to use Optimus. doesn't make much sense.

(+) Quiet fans on load (louder than average on idle though) Good cooling system overall, no throttling issues on GPU and CPU. Thunderbolt 3 support

I tested this laptop and it is really good. Some bad decisions from MSI prevent this from being a top buy for me.
Definitely recommended if you can live without the negative points outlined above.
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The warranty void sticker is right on top of the screws for the main service panel.

the good thing is, RAM & SSD aren't soldered in and can easily be upgraded which is nice.
It doesn't but if there's a sticker that says it will, it won't but nobody cares they just will void it anyway
I have an older version of the 15.6" version of this laptop.
Unless things have changed, the battery life is crap (but expected on a thin and light gaming laptop), but the heat dissipation is bad, most of the rubber feet on mine fell off because the case gets too hot and loosens the adhesive.
I'm not seeing a listing for G-Sync on any of the marketing copy or store listings, which is a distinct omission :(
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Yeah, sorry :)

You may not need G-Sync if you're playing a game that can hit 120Hz, but that's not every game- and many games may have wild framerate swings where the tearing at a lower framerate may be quite visible, and the input lag of V-Sync to eliminate tearing would be detrimental.

This is what G-Sync fixes:
-no input lag
-no tearing
-at the same time!
wait so is this laptop a max q 1070 and not a normal moble 1070?
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