MSI GT73VR 17.3-Inch 120Hz Titan-017 Gaming Laptopsearch

MSI GT73VR 17.3-Inch 120Hz Titan-017 Gaming Laptop

MSI GT73VR 17.3-Inch 120Hz Titan-017 Gaming Laptop

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I received my laptop not so long ago, and its amazing, really the best gaming laptop i have ever used, the screen is very good for being a TN and very fluid with 120hz gsync, the cooling is top notch, you can overclock if you wish although it perform very well stock. I replaced the ssds and storage drives but aside form that its a very good laptop overall. Thanks massdrop for the sale.
who would buy a laptop with such outputs, hdmi 1.4 and DP1.2 can not run HDR at 60FPS
thunderbolt 3 is useless as there is no adaptor for it

get your shit together intel and MSI
If I were to video edit what upgrades would you recommend?
This is a beast of a notebook!!! Impressive specs. Already drooling
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The i7 7700k can be overclocked to 5.2ghz +-. Not entirely sure about the i5, but there are very few constraints with heat. Similarly, the MSI laptops have heating issues with the i7 6820hk... their 7th generation units are fantastic in comparison.

If you noticed, the laptop I recommended was the F5 Tornado, which is NOT a clevo. The F5 Tornado IS a MSI laptop. It is a barebones version of the MSI G62, made a little thicker to house the cooling for the desktop CPU. The Clevo I recommended was a BGA i7 7700hq, 1060 gpu. For only $1000? That's a steal. I am not a Clevo fan, but when it serves practicality... it far outweighs the similar calibre MSI laptops. I do admit, the clevo can have heating issues... but when you paste it with liquid ultra, that goes away. Which is free for Clevo laptops when you buy through GentechPC.

Literally every single laptop is rife with heating issues, it's usually up to the user to handle them.

This isn't a very good deal... you get an i7 6820hk and a 1070 for 1700... when you can get an i7 7700k and a 1070 for 1700 as well... or an i5 7600k and a 1070 + 120hz screen for 1700. The i7 6820hk is also a terribly hot chip, that I would stay away from with all costs. If I did get it, I would paste it with liquid ultra. Something tells me the general public does not want to paste the laptop with liquid ultra themselves, it's just too much of a hassle.

Also, once you get in bed with the i7 6820hk... you're stuck with it for life. It is well known that coffee lake will be on the 1x51 architecture, which means it is likely going to be compatible with previous generations.

As for the price, these specs will land you at $1719:
120 hz TN panel
GTX 1070
i5 7600k
8gb RAM (buy another stick separately if necessary, it's REALLY easy to put one in)
1TB 7200RPM hard drive

Now, it's missing the 128gb ssd that comes with the MSI, but it nets you a price of $1719. If you're a student or military, that's a $170 discount. Netting you a price of $1550 or so. So by comparison, if you were a student or in the military you could get a 120 hz screen, i7 7700k, (which can clock to 5.2ghz in this machine) and a gtx 1070 for the same price as the regular gt73vr with an overheating i7 6820hk. Of course, you'd still have to buy the extra RAM seperately... NEVER buy RAM from Eurocom, they overcharge like crazy.

Side note, you used to be able to add another $100 savings to the Tornado by de-selecting g-sync. Considering the TN panels don't support gsync in the first place, it would get the machine to be about $1500 for the specs above. Was quite a nice deal, wish they still did that :P

Generally Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte are overly priced for what you get... and to boot, they pre-load a bunch of crapware on your machine... forcing you to refresh the OS as soon as you get it.

The only thing I can think of for choosing the g73vr over this barebones MSI laptop is if I absolutely needed 17 inches of space, and even then... I'd hop to the P775 clevo. So truly the only thing that would keep me with the g73 is if it had Optimus technology to turn off the dGPU while on battery. And even then, I sure as heck would not be going with the 6th generation.

If I was a student or in/(have been in) the military I would go with:
Tornado F5:
120 hz screen
GTX 1070
i7 7700k
1 TB 7200 RPM
Price: $1906 - %10 (190) = 1716.

If I was not in the military/student and could not go above $1700?
I would go with the Tornado F5:
120 hz screen
gtx 1070
i5 7600k
1 TB 7200 RPM
= $1719

If I was on a budget and only had $1000 to spend?
I would get the Clevo N850P6 from Gentechpc
Changes I would make:
+ coollabs ultra (free)
+ remove sager logo (free)
+ 8GB RAM ($75) (for a total of 16 GB RAM)
+ 1tb 7200RPM (vs 5400RPM) HD +40 (If you can squeeze another 40, I would recommend)
= $1114 -3% (cash discount) = $1081 . (with the 7200RPM drive)
=$1074 - 3% (cash discount) = $1042 . (with 5400RPM drive)
Thanks so much for the in depth response. Your a champ!!! Very useful info!!
Well i wasn't suppose to ugprade my laptop... but this offer was simply too good to pass up, hope it arrives without any issues.
128gb ssd is definitely not sufficient for a gaming laptop, unless you only keep 1-2 games installed
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It has a 1tb hdd, is that not enough?
When running two storage devices, the ssd doesn't have to be big because it should only house the operating system and C: drive necessary files.
Games don't particularly require ultrafast read/write speed but they do require large amounts of space, thus the 1tb hdd.
In addition, your computer will run more efficiently having the two separate drives. I didn't take the time to investigate, but that ssd is probably an m2 drive like on my laptop with two bays for extra drives.
Should I jump on this now instead of getting an XPS 15?
Absolutely YES
Is the GPU on this upgradable?
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Well, it's an external GPU. Not really included in the laptop, so.
only mxm gpu upgradable but it is not worth upgrading actually you will pay 50% of laptop price or maybe more for 30% performance difference

Would this be good for an Architecture student? Rendering would be nice with an i7 and a 1070 I assume.
Should be very good for student level. I've sold MSI's GS63VR models with GTX 1060 6GB to a NY Architecture firm and they been happy with. I do recommend to upgrade the memory to 32GB/64GB & bigger NVMe SSD down the road.
Omfg, darn... If this had a 4K display, it would've been perfect.
While i dont share your 4k being perfect for a 17'', there was one a couple of days ago that just finished.
Oh, darn.. How much was it?

4K serves a practical purpose and would also better future proof your investment.