MSI Stealth Pro 17-Inch 4K GS73VR Gaming Laptopsearch

MSI Stealth Pro 17-Inch 4K GS73VR Gaming Laptop

MSI Stealth Pro 17-Inch 4K GS73VR Gaming Laptop

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4k on a laptop? cmon... even 1080p is something of stretch in some configs... 4k is half-way into disappointent
You don't need to play at that res. Use 4K for movies and content and play on 1080p.
I picked up one of these refurbished on NewEgg and ended up having to return it. I picked up another one non-refurb and I really like it. It packs a lot of performance considering it's less than half the cost of a Razer Blade Pro (which it's replacing, my 2012 pro is showing its age). I definitely didn't pay this much even for the new one though, this isn't really a deal.
Would the 3 backers please contact me? I would like to discuss exciting real estate opportunities in Florida swampland.
lol, this comment made my day.
For the new 6 backers, if swampland isn't your thing I have a great list of luxurious time share condos in the Caribbean...
Really Massdrop.....really.... 1849 for a 6700HQ and a 1060....really
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you forgot the 5400 rpm SATA. This is indeed a steal(th) offer!
heh similiar to me, never joined a drop... and all the newsletter mails are like 40% knifes, 30% lockpicks and the rest is pencils and computer stuff :d
This isn't a great drop at all. Newegg has refurbished 15" ones at much lower pricing.
Hey thanks for this!
Argh, why, msi?! Why must you eternally frustrate me with 4k screens and underpowered gpus?!
I've got a 1080ti that can barely handle bf1 max settings and I know the 1060 would be seriously underpowered for actual gaming.
I understand budget, etc, but msi, please.
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Definitely don't need a 1080 to drive a high refresh 1080p screen tho. A 970 would do that.
Absolutely. 1080 will push more detailed frames faster.

But if I had to make a choice between a 4k 60 htz display or a 120+ htz 1080 display, I'd go with the higher refresh rate.
$1,800 for a 1060? LoL. These should be in the $1,200 range.
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its not an ultrathin. that laptop weighs almost twice as much. That being said, a 17 inch 4k screen is stupid and they charge a huge premium for something you wont ever use.
expected 7th gen processor :(
I actually bought this laptop (the FHD 120Hz monitor version) some months ago from Amazon.
This is a fantastic laptop with great build quality and one of the best laptop keyboards I have used. Previously I have had 2 acers, 2 dells and 1 Asus ROG laptop. The screen is very nice and the laptop is very light and portable for something that packs so much power. I game on this when I am on the move.
The only con (and a major one) is that it overheats terribly.
CPU/GPU temps go up to 90C with just half hour of gaming (doom, overwatch, COD:IW etc) and its uncomfortable to keep the palm rested on the keyboard. Ambient temps where i live is at 28C to 30C
I would highly suggest a laptop cooling pad. I've been able to push laptops VERY much not made for gaming into running things like TF2 and Minecraft with one. It's not great but it definitely helps immensely.
If you don't mind opening it up, repaste it. I had opened up my GT73VR Titan Pro to add a couple of drives (saved me some money vs buying one that came with the same ssd setup) and while I was in there I decided to repaste. There was SO MUCH FACTORY PASTE! Looking back at it...I wish I had taken pictures. Imagine the dies (either the CPU or GPU...they were both abysmal) like a hamburger. Now imagine that you just squeezed mayonnaise (I use mayo as an example because it's typically thicker than ketchup and more closely resembles a consistency that would be more-in-line as a TIM consistency would be) from the bottle over every square inch of it's surface area. Then imagine what it looks like after you smash a bun on top of it. I couldn't believe the amount of TIM that was outside of the die areas.

After repasting only (no changes in clocks, voltages, fan profiles) my temperature after the OS booted up went from an average of 6-8 over ambient to 2-5 over ambient. At full load I went from hitting 63C to 51C. No cooling pad or anything just the stock fans while it sits on my desk.