MTG: 1,000 Card Lot (New Bundle)search

MTG: 1,000 Card Lot (New Bundle)

MTG: 1,000 Card Lot (New Bundle)

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Here, bulk. 1,000 cards that no one wanted. Might be worth it if it were 0.05.
Why is there even a drop on this site for this crap? Makes Massdrop look cheap.
Anyone considering purchasing this, please watch:

TL;DW: repacks like this are terrible.
I would like anyone who is new to MTG to know that UNSEALED mass magic product is a straight up scam.

Don't be a timmy
Yup. At least with sealed product you have a CHANCE at hitting value.
I got less than a dollar in value from mythics and rates and about 500 Kaladesh commons. Never again.
I got $6 in mythics/ rares/ uncommons and i got 988 common cards. So for $50 im not happy with this drop. Ill be very picky with buying anything from this website from now on.
Hey just saying you can find better rates per 1000 cards around, namely on ebay and amazon. Maybe you should know~
Ill be looking there from now on.
Id cry if one of those rares is a vizzerdrix
So friends and I were going through the cards in this lot, and we uh...well...we found this.
Looks legit.
tourny legal only in states that Billy can remember.
Don't get your hopes up regarding them throwing in 50-100 extra cards to make up for duplicates... they just threw in more duplicates. 81 Act of Treasons, 138 Akroan Crusaders, 45 Bog Raiders... and then a bunch of 10x/20x dupes I'm not wasting my time listing. Probably going to return this as it does not match the description whatsoever, failing that, chargeback time.

Edit: Updating card counts
I got the email that the drop is going to be purchased, but I had to change my address after that email. Is there a way to verify where it will ship to?
I began playing when it first came out. About three years into it my house burnt down and I lost everything.... haven't played since. Do you guys recommend this drop?
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Not really. You can get a better deal at your lgs or on eBay.
Yeah I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they were an absolute beginner and didn't have cards....

99% of the cards were 4 of a kind and there were several that had 5 of a kind. Still for what I was looking for it was great. 1000 cards for $20 and i didnt have to spend hours looking for or trying to decide what i wanted...
Stop buying this crap. It's just that, honestly. Someone has pre picked through these cards to make sure they are not losing value to this. This is in no way good for you to buy. If you just want to buy random cards for a kid or something go to a local gaming store and buy out of the .05 and .10 bin because that's what you are getting here for way less value.
Ah, whenever WOTC comes out with a bad product (cough holiday box cough), I'm reminded that its player base gobbles up stuff like this