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MunroSonic Egg 100 Speakers

MunroSonic Egg 100 Speakers

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What a bargain, I could build a 4k gaming pc for the same price but these are obviously a MUCH better buy.
LOL not ONE person has purchased these!
Well one guy did lol
Why do these butt-plugs have speakers? Can I buy a version without the speakers?
That's a Dayton audio silk dome tweeter ($10 ea) with a peerless SDS woofer ($30-40 ea) in an egg shaped enclosure. The amplifier is using 4 class D amp modules that aren't even hypex, crown, or icepower modules (so nothing good about them) to biamp them. The amp doesn't even feature any digital inputs, and features a class A headphone amp typically found in any modern receiver over $200. And this setup is $1300? This is a complete fucking ripoff and you'd be a complete fool to buy these under any circumstances considering every other speaker company offers more competently designed active monitors.
I was thinking $100 *maybe* when I clicked the image from their email, then had a good laugh. :p
Agreed. I kinda wanna buy them and glue arms and legs to them so they look like Humpty Dumpty.
I'm not sure about the sonic effect of an egg. Great for an embryo.
Low diffraction.
Zeos would have a hard time turning these over.
Not bad a price but for that amount of money I can get Adam Audio or Eve Audio power speakers with AMT and be done.
Eve audio ++

Listened to a pair of sc207s a few months back and I remember it blowing away every other pair in the store.
Are these the caramel filled eggs, or just the regular creme filled ones?
Yes its overpriced but those red eggs look FREAKING AMAZING!! More color choices though!
Hi everyone,

Good news! We spoke to our vendor and were able to list a lower price for this drop. Due to this change, the drop is now extended.
Why are these SO FREAKING CHEAP?
Egg shape is pretty fantastic though
get centrance masterclass speakers if it comes back, 10% of what this costs. and I doubt that these eggs will sound 1000% better. Also, these look hideous imo
You could hire someone to make the exact same speaker boxes (eggs) and take internals from a good set to put in for what I'd likely say 1/4th of the cost.
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