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Muroexe Army Unite Sneakers

Muroexe Army Unite Sneakers

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I need seriously comfy sneakers for work (I walk 3-4 miles during a typical workday). Does anyone have experience with this brand? Comparisons with Skechers GoWalk maybe?
I'm very happy with my Muroexe Materia shoes, and they are still in a good condition after almost 2 years of daily wear. My only complaint is poor breathability, but looking at this model it probably doesn't have that issue.
I keep thinking there's no way MD could come up with an uglier shoe design and damned if the don't prove me wrong with each successive drop--but I think I got 'em this time; no way the can find and uglier shoe than this one!
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I know--they'd be even uglier then--but I do give MD credit for finding them; they have a knack for finding especially bad, casual shoes.
Well, I guess for the same occasion of casual shoes. What would you recommend?
How is the fit? I've got wide feet so would I need to size up or down or not?
I'd like to know too. I wear a size 12. So do i do 11.5 or 12.5?
This isn't a deal. Muroexe's entire lineup is being marked down in a mid-season sale at I don't understand.

Edit: I do understand. Nice, massdrop!
On Muroexe website, if you actually go through the checkout process -- shipping to the US and most countries outside Spain (and the EU) is about 30 dollars a pair.

Our pricing includes free shipping to the US and a much more affordable shipping rate for Asia and other countries outside North America.
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