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Hola. I got my sneakers in yesterday. Navy, 9.5. Unfortunately they're half a size too small for me.

I'd be interested in selling for whatever the cost was or to exchange with somebody who has a 10 and needs a 9.5. Please reply here and we can then take it to email.

Thanks! :)
Just got my 9.5 blue sneakers. :) they fit perfectly! Took them to work today and got some great complements on the shoes. They are more comfortable than I initially thought too. hope you all enjoy yours!
UK 13s anyone??
Aww no more 9.5
I don't want to be a joy buster but they are cheaper on their website, they are actually on sale at this moment..

But shipping is 20 on their website.
damn, can we please get more black in stock :/ I don't want to risk getting a half size smaller - it just never works out lol
I had a black 9.5 then changed it for a blue now the black is sold out... changed my mind.... well guess im going with blue then
Oh no~! Sorry to hear.
Honestly I think the blue one is a lot more versatile, but that's just my 2 cents.
I don't get it... The description says I should be able to choose from sizes up to 12.5 US but I can only choose upto 11 US. What gives?! I need. 11.5 US :(
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Black has been the more popular colorway (just by a little bit), and some of the higher sizes were limited in quantities.
Yeah I hope there's a future drop with blue 11.5 US. That would be awesome.
My feet are sweating just looking at this shoe.
Could anyone please provide the shoe weight and heel to toe drop?
"... rubberized material ..."

Sounds cool!
My girlfriend has one pair, it’s not really waterproof and end up smeeling a lot. I wouldn’t recommend them. They look amazing though.
I already bought these shoes.

If you wear 8, i'd recommend to pick 8.5, etc... They are quite tight. Other than that, great shoes :P
Hi Mullion! Thanks for the feedback on sizing. The official word (which is in the main copy) is to size up if you're between sizes.
For me, I found them true to fit at 8.5
Very light shoes!
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