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I received mine in the didn’t come with a nib or any cartridges! Anyone else have any issues? This is my first order, not doing too well so far!
I didn't get my cartridge either!
You at least got a pen, I got an empty box.
Any news on the shipment?
I hope it ships soon... really want this pen!
not a good sign...this Massdrop was supposed to ship today. I did NOT receive any shipment/tracking info.
Namisu has recently had a very large delay on kickstarter...VERY disappointing.
I am hoping the same isn't happening here on Massdrop with Namisu..
Any one have info? Massdrop? Namisu?
This particular shipment got caught in customs a little longer than expected, but it just cleared today so we will ship as soon as possible. We're hoping to get this out no later than next week right after Christmas.
thank-you Liz..
If you're thinking to buy the pen for a christmass present, beware! Namisu is known to have some serious and worrisome delays, so level your expectations accordingly.
Also, if you are glad that they are answering your questions below, also beware, before purchase they have great communication, but once they get your money you get the cold shoulder. Radio silence is their company policy, but their pens are really nice once (or if) they are made.
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As mentioned, Namisu was able to get this shipment to us ahead of schedule, but there were some delays getting through customs on our end. This just cleared though, so should be shipping out to you next week right after the holiday, at the latest. Thanks for your patience!
thank-you Liz..
Damn, the Titanium nib extra fine option is already out of stock....
Does this pen double as a night stick as pictured?
Hello! No, it's just a fountain pen...
Are you sure?

I do hope the titanium version with titanium nib option is next.
We're pretty low on stock for the Ti version, so no immediate plans for a drop. Sorry!
Thanks for crushing my hopes :D
Seriously though, appreciate the heads up. Now I can plan accordingly.
Please consider changing the ship date so that its arrival does not coincide with holiday travel?? Nice Christmas present, but only if you're home! Is it possible to move it up 5 days?
Does this pen come with a converter?
You can add one for $3.
Thanks for the information.