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Napo Men's Touchscreen Driving Gloves

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The gloves fit well and are nice overall, except for the stitching quality on the right thumb:

Hoping they will send a replacement pair...
After emailing them, they promptly responded and sent me a replacement pair. The new gloves are perfect! Excellent customer service. Thanks so much! Happy New Year!! :)
These gloves look great, I would love to see a similar drop for women!
Please find attached the updated size chart

Got mine a week ago, I got the Drive version. They were very pretty when I first got them which I think is more of their purpose: fashion. Firstly, I ordered the brown/black version but what I got is Brown/Dark Brown. Which is ok but I much prefer the brown/black look.
The build is a little too thin for me. The touch functionality is great and I can actually do swiping motions with the glove on. As a driving glove though, I don't think this will hold up. The stitching doesn't seem be condensed enough around the palm area:
I am not too confident that the palm area will hold long term with hard use. Also, the stitching is already starting go on one of the tip of my fingers:
Well, maybe I expected too much from this glove to be daily driving glove. It seems like I am going to have to just use sometimes when I want a good looking glove to wear. Otherwise, I am going to have stick with my biking gloves for my driving needs.
Thank you for your review. If there are any issues with your item please contact us at and we will find a solution. P.S. napoDRIVE has never been offered in brown/black so if there is any misleading information in the drop please let us know and we will ask Massdrop to correct it. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
The following is the main cover picture that is used for advertising.
It looks Brown/Black to me.
I just got these gloves and they look and fit great. Although it seems like the sewing around the knuckle holes is failing without any use! Someone else have the same issue?
Size chart?????
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The drop is active. Maybe you have a caching issue with your browser? Please check in another one:)
Hi :)
Are you planning to open the drop of women's gloves? my wife is dreaming about this))
I would like to get one. However, I do not know the size of my hands. Do you have a size chart?
i ordered the napo speed gloves in S previously (they were just slightly toght), for the crochet model should i order the same size?
Yes, napoCROCHET will stretch a bit more due to the elastic fabric on top so we recommend to order the same size
Still waiting for the Napo winter gloves that was supposed to Ship by October 2. How sure are we that these will ship on time, if at all? What if Napo is just pocketing our money then going out of business?
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Thanks for the update. I ordered the NapoSuede. Can you give an update on that? You only mentioned the napoModern as not being shipped yet. I haven't seen the NapoSuede shipped yet.
All napoSUEDE have been shipped on 5/10 and should already be in massdrops warehouse, so soon also at their final destinations. Once again sorry for the delay, but we are sure that you will love the product:)))
The brown drive gloves, is the inside dark brown or black? Some photos on the net look black (like these) others look dark brown.
Thanks, Anthony
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Figured I'd let you know "next time" appears to be happening since I was already here scanning the discussion.
Thanks a lot!
uber cool gloves to go with my 2003 Honda Civic
I need to know if napaCROCHET have lining or not, it is a driving or winter type of glove? Last time I joined I pick size medium for the napoDRIVE and it is a little small for my hand. My hand circumference is 8.2 inches.
@Iam_dannybear napoCROCHET is without lining - the sizing is slightly adapted im comparison to the summer driving gloves drop, so M will fit perfect! :)
What's yarn composition of napoCROCHET?
@brainwave it’s 100% cotton
can we please get some info regarding the sizes, please?
Why just men's though? This is not Men'sDrop so why discriminate?
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Have been waiting years for Massdrop to add women's drops... Other than those in the hobby shop like quilting or skin care. Still waiting!
Some drops for stuff like fleece or rain jackets do have women's versions but the # available is usually a lot fewer than the men's.
YEP.. I keep my eyes peeled for it but it is so damn rare. And tbh I like a lot of the stuff they have for men but its just too large for me. Seems messed up. I buy Audio stuff but I cant get some of the gear? Why not?!
I love my other pair and these guys followed through with correspondence with the community about what they should bring here next. Absolutely in for this.
@cmagruder we appreciate your kind words. This year collection is upgraded with Ethiopian lambskin instead of last year sheepskin leather. Also - the touchscreen technology is abrasion resistant and we added size XL. We hope you will enjoy your new pair even more!