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Native Instruments MASCHINE MK2

Native Instruments MASCHINE MK2

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Could we bring this back?
This is ridiculous, there are ebay sellers selling MK2 at comparative prices. NI, this is a really lousy move.
Just for that, i think i will wait for a novation.. the price was just right for the maschine to get me interested in buying one to try.
NI didn't want the 7 or so people to save $$$ off their highly iterated product line.
Oh well :( Thanks for trying anyway, Massdrop.
Thanks very much for your support and your participation in the MASCHINE MK2. We wouldn’t be able to grow our Pro Audio community as much as we have without your help.
We do have some unfortunate news to share with those of you that participated in this drop. We just got word from our vendor, that due to us offering the product to the community for a great price, Native instruments has closed our access to their products and we will be unable to fulfill these orders.

We worked very hard to secure inventory for this drop, as we do for all our drops; but Native Instruments has made the fulfillment of that inventory impossible. We will look for other avenues to continue to bring great products at great prices to the community so please check back with us soon.

For those of you that joined the drop we will be cancelling your orders and make sure that you are not charged for the product.

If you have any concerns on how things were handled by us please reach out to us at and we will be sure to do our best for future drops.
Adding my voice to the request that Massdrop respond to NI
Yes please reply. I wanna get this but not if I can't get the license working properly. I don't care about the warranties or getting technical support as long as I can properly activate all the software and get the licenses working.
I think the included serial numbers will work fine, but I'd be wary of not having NI back a hardware failure warranty on a $500 piece of equipment
that's a fair point. maybe flagging the post will bring massdrop's attention to this quicker?
Hi Guys,

I am a Key Account Manager at Native Instruments. I am not sure where is getting our product, but they are not an Authorized Dealer. That means that any purchase of our products through them will not be covered by our Technical, Registration, or Warranty support. Please use our Reseller locator to find authorized dealers here:


Wait, does this mean if I buy from mass drop I wont be able to register my product and get the software, or is it just warranties?
Massdrop please reply to this
Once these are shipped about how long would they take to deliver?
Wow I've never been so close to a heart attack from a drop before
Please don't, we can't afford the lawsuit!

Thanks for posting ;)
How much did this go for?
How much did this drop for last time????
Hi everyone, this drop was accidentally put up earlier than scheduled. We will do our best to source this product from vendors as fast as we can and hopefully have it back up shortly! Thank you for your continuing support!