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llegaron sin problema, el marco no es la mejor calidad, el lente es bueno y el estuche muy bueno
My pair showed up just fine, although took forever (not because of MD, but because of Fed Ex, fck em), and I quite like them. They're a bit small overall size wise, but they somehow fit my big head just fine. Also, I like the lenses, they can be seen through easily, but are REALLY dark. Some ideal boat shades, which given their Nautica makes perfect sense. I'd love a white pair instead of the gunmetal grey though.
Call me laughingly unimpressed. They arrived with a case that was nicer than the glasses themselves. Faint scratches visible on the lenses, and on closer inspection, one of the lenses popped out of the frame into my hand! What a joke. Mass-Fail.
Almost the same price on ebay.
34.99 on Amazon. No reviews there.
Yeah, with free returns I'm wondering is $35 is better than $28, plus I'd get them in 2 days.
Anyone have any experience with these ?
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