Naztech USB Micro/USB-C/Lightning Braided Cablessearch

Naztech USB Micro/USB-C/Lightning Braided Cables

Naztech USB Micro/USB-C/Lightning Braided Cables

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No micro-usb?
$15 for ONE four foot cable I need to wait a month to receive? Um, NO! $12 for two Anker Powerline cables in two days from Amazon? Yes!
I bought a couple of these (lightning connector) back in September and they are still going strong. Unlike most of the other brand cables I have bought in the last year.
I think I need to un-endorse this product. Just today the connector broke on one cable that I was using in my car. The other one has started being finicky (sometimes charges, sometimes doesn't, sometimes alternates quickly). I think I'll go back to using Anker cables...
No rose gold USB C cable? Pass...
Got 2 fine anker 6ft micro usb cables in a 2-pack for 10 bucks on amazon. Link:
I really don't know why people even bother buying these cables for 15 a piece.
Those are micro USB...these are USB-C. Very different.
Oh wait...nevermind.
how much bandwidth can these cables push?
Naztech - the world's finest braided cables since 1939
I wish there was a short (less than 1M in length) USB 3.1 Type C to Type C out there, would be a lot more convenient for me.
usb c to usb c 1ft
What happened to this drop? I ordered and was charged for 3 cables then received notification of a possible ship date of 30 May then no follow up and now it no longer appears in my transactions.
Got the cables and they're really nice!
Contacted customer service and they have the correct cables in stock, sadly not in my color but I'm glad that I can get them.

I ordered 2 usb-type C rose gold lightning cables for my LG V20. I received 2 rose gold I- Phone cables.
I'm very disappointed.
Lightning and type c are two different types of cables. Lightning is Apple's cable for iphone and their products, whereas usb type c is what you're looking for, I dont know what you selected, but if you clicked on lightning, that would be why you got iphone cables
I misread/misunderstood the description. Definitely operator error, I've never had an Apple phone and confused fast charge and lightning. That being said, I'd definitely get the Naztech cables again, they're awesome cables
I usually get the BlitzWolf braided cables from Banggood (i.e. China). I've never had a problem with them, they take a decent amount of abuse, and are supposedly certified where appropriate.

The cables in this drop look like they have more reinforcement so I'll try a couple out, even though the name "Naztech" is no where near as cool as "BlitzWolf".

(Hmmm... I sense an unintentional connection between those two names, but let's not go there).
I got my USB C to USB C from the last drop (ordered black, got rose gold?) and it's a pretty sturdy cable- more so that any of the Anker or aukey ones I've bought. The casing around the connector is also the smallest I've owned making it a lot easier to charge with a case that might not have large cutouts. It does fast charging with my Nexus 6p no problem! Definitely a good cable so far but I'd probably buy cheaper next time since it's a bit high for 1 cable.
Wasn't there supposed to be 2X cables? I only received 1 cable, in pink, (I ordered gold). Any assistance is appreciated.
Have these started shipping from the latest drop? My status says it should have shipped on May 30, but no tracking is provided.
Mine came in the mail on 6/3. The USB-C to USB-C cables were the wrong color, but the cables are really nice and sturdy.