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Needle Felting Kit

Needle Felting Kit

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Get Creative With Needle Felting

Needle felting—the process of pricking and pulling wool to manipulate its shape—is a fun and easy-to-learn outlet for creativity. It requires only a few small tools to get started, and this six-piece bundle has them all.

Note: This drop is for a bundle of six needle-felting tools. At checkout, you’ll have your choice of applique mold: Hedgehog & Mushroom, Pansy, or Roses.

Needle Felting Kit

Needle-Felting Mat

It begins with a needle-felting mat, which looks like a small brush and serves as the ideal surface to poke the wool most effectively.

Needle Felting Kit

Needle-Felting Tool

The needle-felting tool, made with five barbed needles that help agitate the wool, is fitted with a spring that allows the fibers to mesh.

Needle Felting Kit

Pen-Style Needle-Felting Tool

The pen-style needle-felting tool, fitted with three needles, allows for more delicate work. Use this with the applique molds.

Needle Felting Kit

Claw & Mat Cleaner

The claw and mat cleaner serves as three tools in one. It not only helps secure the material you’re working on but also helps blend the wool. And to clean the wool from your mat, it features a brush on the other side of the tool.

Needle Felting Kit

Applique Molds

Used in conjunction with the pen-style needle-felting tool, the applique mold provides a cookie-cutter shape to help you make a realistic object. Choose one of the three different designs: roses, pansy, and hedgehog and mushroom. 

Mold Options

Hedgehog & Mushroom

Wool Roving

Of course, you’ll also need wool material to work with. This bundle includes four colors of wool roving: black, off-white, teal, and lime green. It’s made of 100 percent natural wool, and each color comprises 20 grams of wool.

Needle Felting Kit
Needle Felting Kit


  • 4 packs of wool roving, 20 grams each pack
  • 1 applique mold
  • 1 pen-style needle-felting tool
  • 1 needle-felting tool
  • 1 needle-felting mat
  • Massdrop 1-Year Limited Warranty


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