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Neoballs 216 Magnet Set

Neoballs 216 Magnet Set

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What Are Neoballs?

Neoballs are professional sculpture neodymium magnet spheres. Featuring a 5-millimeter diameter, an n35 grade, and  a variety of precise Electroplate coatings, each magnet has an impressive +/- 0.02mm tolerance. Available in four different metals, each set comes with 216 indiviudual magnets. Made from real 22-karat gold, the gold-coated magnets won't corrode with time like other metals, meaning they'll stay sparkling for years to come. The Sterling sliver magnets feature a 93% pure silver coating, a brilliant white metallic luster, and a tactile sensation that’s completely unique to silver. One of the hardest of the electroplated coatings, the Nickel- and black nickel-coated magnets are compatible with other common caliber 5mm magnet spheres.

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  • Neoballs
  • Options: Gold, Sterling silver, black nickel, nickel
  • Grade: n35
  • Tolerance: +/- 0.02mm tolerance

Gold Magnets

  • Material: 100% 22k gold

Steriling Silver Magnets

  • Material: 93% pure silver

Black Nickel & Nickel Magnets

  • Material: 100% pure nickel


  • 216 magnets
  • Sliding metal storage case


High power magnets may cause fatal intestinal pinching if swallowed. Keep away from all orifices. Rare Earth magnets are not toys. Do not leave them around animals or children unattended. Always communicate these dangers when sharing magnets. If magnets are ingested or aspirated into to the lungs, immediate medical attention is required. 


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