Neoballs 216 Magnet Setsearch

Neoballs 216 Magnet Set

Neoballs 216 Magnet Set

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What Are Neoballs?

Neoballs are professional sculpture neodymium magnet spheres. 5mm diameter, n35 grade, with a variety of precise Electroplate coatings at impressive +/- 0.02mm tolerances and minimal fluff, from the Zen Magnets company. The included sliding tin container is more than a storage case, it also serves as magnetic shielding during transport.

Neoballs 216 Magnet Set


  • Gold

If molecules were a town, gold would have the happiest electron citizens of the precious metals. Gold does not corrode so all the gold that has been around is still around and will be around. The yellow metal represents hundreds of years of work; mining and refining. Gold is beautiful, however soft.

Neoballs 216 Magnet Set
  • Silver

The specialty of the 93% pure silver coating is it’s brilliant white metallic luster. It is harder than gold, but tarnishes easier. Extremely susceptible to acidic corrosion. A tactile sensation that’s completely unique to silver. All electroplated Neoballs feature a +/-0.02mm tolerance.

Neoballs 216 Magnet Set
  • Black

Black nickel is a sleek decorative coating that offers nothing in additional protection over colorless Ni. Infact the color doped nickel coating kneads off faster on the hands, and will leave discoloration on the skin after much use. The 0.02mm tolerance is common with the colorless Ni coating.

Neoballs 216 Magnet Set
  • Nickel

This popular coating is the hardest of the electroplated coatings. A mostly colorless chrome coating that is consistent and dependable. Nickel coated neoballs are compatible with other common caliber 5mm magnet spheres. These are not Zen Magnets.

Neoballs 216 Magnet Set

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With great magnetic power, comes great personal responsibility. High power magnets may cause fatal intestinal pinching if swallowed. Keep away from all orifices. Rare Earth magnets are not toys! Don't leave them around animals, or children who don't understand the dangers. Always communicate these dangers when sharing magnets. If magnets are ingested or aspirated to the lungs, immediate medical attention is required. Respect the magnets, and practice responsible usage.


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