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iKon SBS Razor

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Double-Edge Razor With Flippable Base Plate

Take your shaving game up a notch with the iKon SBS razor. The first double-edge razor with a flippable base plate, it’s made of solid aluminum with a satin finish—and it shaves like a dream. The dual-flip head has a solid bar and an open comb side, with the solid bar side being more aggressive. Plus, the base plate can be flipped for another level of aggression. Made from precision-machined 316L stainless steel, the 85-millimeter matte Bulldog handle is easy to grip and built to last. A 5-pack of Super-Max blades is also included.

Note: At checkout, you'll have the option to add a base stand (+ $12) and/or a ballistic nylon travel case (+ $15).

iKon SBS Razor
iKon SBS Razor
iKon SBS Razor
iKon SBS Razor
iKon SBS Razor
iKon SBS Razor


iKon SBS Razor Head

  • Solid aluminum with satin finish
  • Dual-flip head with solid bar and open comb side
  • Flippable base plate
  • Weight: 1.9 oz (54 g)

85mm Matte Bulldog Handle

  • Precision-machined 316L stainless steel
  • Length: 3.3 in (85 mm)

Super-Max Platinum Blades

  • Double-edged construction
  • High-quality Swedish steel
  • Platinum and polymer coating
  • Treated with unique robotized technology
  • Ultra-sharp edges


  • iKon SBS razor head
  • 85mm matte Bulldog handle
  • 5-pack of Super-Max blades


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